• August 25, 2022

Tom Keane posts about Azure Global

Software developer Tom Keane is the corporate vice president of Azure Global, Microsoft Corporation. He is an expert in the field of Azure Cloud computing, Microsoft’s cloud-based computing platform that aims to empower developers and businesses around the world with innovative technologies. He has written many articles on cloud computing, including “Automate your infrastructure using Azure virtual networks.”


Also, Tom Keane wrote “Power your data stores with SQL Server on Azure IaaS,” and “A flexible and scalable way to use Azure as a private cloud.” He was also featured in Forbes as one of their Top 30 under 30 most influential software developers under thirty. Before joining Microsoft in 2011, Tom worked as an engineer on the Windows Server Team at Microsoft.


Tom Keane is currently leading Azure Global, Microsoft’s international organization for partner enablement, technical sales, and pre-sales for cloud services, including the Microsoft cloud platform (Azure). As the Senior Vice President of Azure Global, he oversees Azure and offers support for partners worldwide. Tom Keane graduated from the University of South Australia in 2000 with a Bachelor of Engineering, majoring in Computer Science. 


Tom Keane has posted different posts on his website on cloud computing. Some of the posts include:


  1. Bringing commercial innovations in chip design to national security:

Tom Keane wrote an article on how he brought commercial innovations in computer chips. This, to design for national security. He worked for Australia’s Defense Science and Technology Organization, which developed new computer chips.


  1. Azure Government Top Secret now generally available for US national security missions:

The successful software developer and engineer Tom Keane wrote a post explaining the importance of using Azure Government for US national security. He recently explained how multiple government agencies and businesses had used Azure Government.


  1. Ground processing with space data 5x faster with Azure:

Tom Keane wrote that ground processing with space data can now be done 5x faster with Azure. Tom Keane explains how they used Azure and existing satellite technology to create a ground receiver. He also gives an insight into how they are using the technology.