• September 14, 2022

The State of Portuguese Real Estate

Luis Horta Costa, CEO of Arboris and president of the Portuguese Real Estate Association (SPEA), believes that Portugal’s tourism industry is what’s driving the economy. “It has turned into an industry that generates a lot of jobs; it brings out a lot of investment.”

To capitalize on this trend and cash in on foreign interest in cities like Lisbon and Porto, Costa says Portugal must improve its national infrastructure, including roadways, railways, airports and ports. He also believes companies should stop relocating their headquarters elsewhere. “We need to make sure our companies stay here so they can create high-skilled jobs.

Luis Horta e Costa was born in Lisbon and attended the Technical University of Lisbon, where he studied Civil Engineering, specializing in Construction Management. He also studied at the University of Aveiro and the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, where he specialized in Construction Management. He is a founding partner at Arboris, a property development and investment company based outside Lisbon specializing in urbanization and construction management. He is also Director of Arboris Investimentos Imobiliários S.A., Arboris Participações e Gestão de Ativos S.A. and Director of the Portuguese Real Estate Association.

Luis Horta e Costa is a member of the board of directors of Empreende, an association composed primarily of young entrepreneurs and the Spórtal fund. He is a board member at the Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros, which organizes international meetings with real estate professionals.

Costa has also been active in social causes; he has worked on behalf of organizations like Projeto Cidadão and as a member of various government commissions dealing with Construction Management, Tourism and Managing Urban Growth.

He has participated in several real estate-related conferences and is a frequent speaker at such events. Among the many awards he has received are: the 2012 “BEST” Award from Imobiliário, a Portuguese trade magazine, the prize for “Best Investor of 2013” from Construction Week, an industry publication, and the Gold medal for “Construction Entrepreneur of the Year” from INOporto.