• January 13, 2022

Solar Energy and Energy Efficiency Company, PosiGen Journey to a Net-Zero Footprint

PosiGen is based in central Florida that provides residential solar panels, commercial solar power solutions and energy efficiency services. They work with homeowners and businesses to install the best solution for their needs. PosiGen has been providing these services since 2008, but they have reached a significant milestone this year: They are now a net-zero energy footprint company!


What does that mean? It means that they produce as much energy from renewable sources as they consume. This is a significant accomplishment, and it’s one that PosiGen has been working towards for a long time. They have installed solar panels on over 16,000 homes and businesses throughout Florida. In addition to their work with solar power, PosiGen is also a leader in energy efficiency. They help homeowners and businesses save money by making their buildings more efficient.


PosiGen is committed to helping the city’s residents make the switch to renewables, and they are doing a great job of it! As a result, the lighting company has provided solar energy to 16,000+ rooftops. What’s also great about the PosiGen company is that they continue educating their clients on the importance of renewable resources and how they can help save you money in the long term! 

We applaud PosiGen for its continued success in making our planet a more sustainable place! Posigen energy produces environment-friendly and affordable solar energy. This year, the company has also become a net-zero company by producing as much renewable energy as they consume. Thus, PosiGen holds to its continued success with making the planet a more sustainable place!