• September 16, 2022

Ron Gutman- A Man of Many Talents

Ron Gutman is the co-founder and co-chief operating officer of Intrivo Company. The firm specializes in health technology with its main aim of offering health care services to anyone in need. Ron is a man of many talents because he is a renowned author, a venture capitalist, a businessperson, an inventor, and an educationalist. 


He has invented and assisted multiple prosperous organizations and non-profit groups that have had success assisting millions of people around the globe. Ron Gutman’s lifelong achievement is to travel to every country on earth and support the people who reside in them. So far, he has visited 85 countries on six continents which is quite remarkable.



Ron Gutman schooled at Stanford University, where he oversaw a multidisciplinary group of staff and graduates to conduct an inquiry into health and techniques to enhance health arrangements. This resulted in forming a health program known as [email protected] at the university, which is active to date.



Ron Gutman’s career has been fruitful through which he invented various organizations such as:

  • The outstanding FestiHealth, which was the first communicating platform for health-tech explication
  • HealthApp- Founded in 2010, it has assisted millions of individuals in accessing credible data and information regarding healthcare and health innovation techniques
  • Wellsphere- Founded in 2006 as an online health firm where health writers inform people through their articles created by Ron Gutman
  • Live Long & Flourish Club– He created this club in 2019 to enable everyone to live happier and longer


Ron Gutman is a man of the people who leads by example. He traveled to Ukraine to donate COVID testing supplies, software, and hardware to various hospitals. No doubt that Gutman is a true example of conscientiousness and strength of character.