• September 29, 2021


Mark Hauser is a well-known on-screen and voice-over actor. He was born in Michigan, frequented most of his early life in the Great Lakes area, and currently lives in Montreal with his kin. From the late nineties, he has worked his way into creating a sustainable career for himself as a voice-over actor with the major of his career accredited to his rather bland accent and ability to at-will adopt various American dialects. Access to various exciting opportunities has been credited to these two.

He takes his abilities further by honing his scene analyzing skills developing his meticulousness to detail which he says enables him to create new characters adding aspects to the story. This uniqueness has earned him places in the animated voice-over world in productions for companies like Netflix and performances alongside other huge actors.

Mark Hauser spends his leisure time enjoying a totally different role, playing “Mr. Fix It” to old pinball machines and damaged circuit boards. He says he got the inspiration for his career from the curiosity of how actors and scriptwriters were able to transport audiences to different experiences through storytelling and their work and that he wished to be a part of that creative process.

He spends most of his working time on set or in the studio recording and when in between projects he researches on his upcoming roles, learning his character’s traits then gets to work developing that character in him to make it as authentic as possible. Mark Hauser’s ability to visualize his personas allows the audience to see the character come to life creating a deeper connection with them.

He still sticks to the basics of productivity such as keeping a sticky note of to-do activities in his pocket and urges others to pick up the habit as well.