• April 18, 2022

Luke Lazarus: Helping Entrepreneurs Build Successful Businesses

Ultra-successful Australian entrepreneur Luke Lazarus is on a mission to help companies thrive.

After spending twenty years building successful businesses, selling them, and then retiring at thirty-three as a very wealthy man, he founded Luke Lazarus Consulting.

Through this company, he helps young and old entrepreneurs navigate the challenges that come with building a successful business.

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He shares knowledge on accounting, marketing, building a workforce and a customer base, and how to improve a business and make it efficient and profitable.

He offers encouragement and outlines the steps for positioning a company for success.

A Born Businessman

Luke Lazarus started building businesses at age eight.

After graduating high school, he turned down scholarship offers from top colleges in Australia and the United States and attended Melbourne Business School.

At twenty-four, he had an MBA and a slew of lucrative job offers.

Instead, he started, built, and sold a series of businesses and was wealthy enough at thirty-three to retire and live a life of luxury.

But Lazarus loved to build businesses and help entrepreneurs.

So, he shows people how to turn their ideas into successful businesses and helps countless failing companies to thrive.

Helping People Build Successful Businesses

Entrepreneurs come to Lazarus with a variety of business problems.

Sometimes he helps them make large structural changes.

Other times he has them go back to their core values to build a solid foundation for their business.

He also teaches them to use social media to attract and connect with customers, and how to leverage trends and get the business-building tools they need.

He teaches people how to make good business plans, manage money, use effective business strategies and create better processes.

To make clients successful, Lazarus tailors his advice to each unique business problem.

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