• September 24, 2021

Krishen Iyer in Making Outstanding Contributions to the Insurance Distribution Sector

Successful businessman Krishen Iyer was born and raised in California. 1998 is when he graduated from high school and later attended the University of San Diego. He graduated with an Arts degree in urban development and public administration. He started his career in the insurance sales field, managing lead corporations besides creating traffic to assist the affiliate insurance distributing centers. In the distribution centers, Krishen Iyer focused on services, sales, and products relating to insurance. Moreover, he has an all-encompassing knowledge in the insurance lead marketing sector. 


Through his extensive experience in this sector, he has been able to own, operate and sell several companies. Additionally, the successful entrepreneur is the founder of Managed Benefits Services(MBS), a complete consultancy and service marketing insurance company that offers outstanding support in addition to providing marketing opportunities to insurance agencies and companies. Krishen Iyer recently sold this insurance corporation to thoroughly explore the following thrilling new prospect in consulting and marketing. MBS is still thriving and alive under the novel exceptional management. The firm focuses on offering health insurance; however, it can offer wide-ranging services in all fields. 

Krishen Iyer’s new firm is the MAIS firm for consulting services. It focuses on assisting other corporations in succeeding in the distribution field of insurance services. Under the leadership of Krishen Iyer, MAIS Consulting helps clients review company policies and procedures to create win-win situations. Krishen’s passion for success propels his clients forward. He believes his success is your success. Krishen Iyer also undertakes numerous charitable activities for his community. He has devoted his efforts to helping Haitians due to the quake that left many devastated. Additionally, he is always looking for ways of enhancing his business. He is always dedicated to satisfying his clients and ensures this by engaging directly with them to understand their needs better.