• September 12, 2022

John Hailer and Joining Global Partners Board of Directors

The master limited partnership, Global Partners, specializes in the marketing and logistics of the midstream sector. The firm owns, operates, or accesses some of the biggest terminal networks in the Northeast that stores renewable fuels and petroleum products.

Global Partners is also one of the leading wholesalers, retailers, and commercial clients in New York and New England, distributing renewable fuels, residential oil, and gasoline. The partnership is involved in shipping petroleum goods and alternative fuels through rail from the midcontinental United States and Canada.

Natixis John Hailer served as the Natixis Investment Managers CEO and President until being appointed to the Global GP LLC Board of Directors, the general partner of Global Partners LP, beginning July 1, 2018. That’s after Global Partners LP announced this appointment.

Mr. Hailer, 57, heads 1251 Asset Management at Boston’s 1251 Capital Collection. After working there for almost 18 years, he left to join 1251 Capital Group. Natixis was his previous employer. As CEO and President for the Americas and Asia, he assisted Natixis in its strategic repositioning as a global solutions supplier and its growth into one of the largest asset managers in the world.

John Hailer was an early pioneer in the financial services field and is considered to be one of the industry’s innovators. According to Richard Slifka, the Chair of Global GP LLC, “He brings a great blend of financial markets experience and commercial acumen to the Board.” Slifka went on to say that because of this individual’s knowledge, he is able to provide a unique and helpful perspective on the expansion plan.

In addition, John Hailer is a Trustee on a number of other boards, one of which is the board that oversees the Boston Public Library. Mr. Hailer received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Beloit College, where he also studied. After completing his education, he joined the college’s Board of Trustees.