• June 14, 2022

Hauser Insurance Highlights The Basics of Business Insurance

At Hauser Insurance, we believe a business owner should consider whether their business will grow or shrink in the future. If they plan for growth, they should ask how many employees they need. Will they expand into additional locations? What services will they offer? Should they add products?

Both startup and established businesses require many services to run smoothly. These include building maintenance, information technology systems, and human resource management, to name a few. Many successful entrepreneurs also consider Hauser Insurance important to the success of their enterprise.

A lightning strike could cause serious damage to a house, and thus homeowners insurance might cover the loss. However, unexpected events like these can happen unexpectedly. For example, you may buy a diamond ring online from Amazon, but when your package arrives, you discover that there is a rock in place instead of a diamond. You send the package back to Amazon, and they refund the purchase price. At first glance, the transaction seems successful. But when you go to sell the ring on eBay, you realize that it does not meet its advertised specifications. There is a

Several different types of business structures are available that protect your business and its assets. A sole proprietorship is the simplest form of business ownership. You own all of your business assets under this legal entity type. Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), also known as professional corporations, offer additional protections for owners and investors. While this structure provides more liability protection, the cost to incorporate it is high. Business insurance packages help businesses navigate this complex tax law, providing the necessary tools to minimize taxes and maximize profits. Ensuring your business with Hauser Insurance Group enables you to achieve these goals.

Although most businesses are not required to invest in commercial insurance by law, certain industries require specialized insurance coverage. Examples include real estate agents, financial services, manufacturers, construction contractors, and transportation providers.