• December 5, 2021

Edgard Corona Established Bio Ritmo In 1996 In Santo Amaro

Edgard Corona is the founder and CEO of SmartFit, the leading fitness academy in the state. He studied Chemical Engineering at FAAP and went to work at Corona family’s sugar mill after his graduation. This was before he joined the fitness academy. He established Bio Ritmo in 1996 in Santo Amaro with only one unit.

He started venturing into the entrepreneurial world by running a material analysis laboratory and a confection with its stores. He believes that learning from mistakes made while running a business contributes mainly to the company’s growth. He viewed the success of Santo Amaro gym as learning from a succession of errors made over the years.

Bio Ritmo attracted a significant number of students from all regions. It later grew to 7,8 gyms across the country. Edgard Corona got the idea of SmartFit, the Planet Fitness business model in the United States. He launched the first model in the Morumbi region and later opened other units in Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, and the Rio Grande do Sul.

The success of the academies was from the teamwork spirit instilled by Edgard on his team and employees. Quality services provided to the audience attracted over 500 000 people to attend the gym in Latin America.

Edgard Corona, as the CEO, has confidence that the future of SmartFit depends on the innovative ideas and teamwork of the associates. The gym provides daily service, structure, and quality service to ensure customer satisfaction.

Edgard is a source of inspiration to young business owners. He used the mistakes made when running the academies to improve its operations over the years. He trusted in the steady and consistent progress of the business. Step by step growth of his business is an example to upcoming companies and small companies having small returns.