• September 5, 2022

Chartered Accountant Don Manifold

Manifold is an acquisitions and solidifications expert. As a starting point, he founded Manifold Advisory Partners and Equity and Advisory. Wear is the CEO of EC Carpets, ADX Depot, and Hybrid Ag. Previously, Wear worked at Hybrid Ag. Wear is a Whittles Management executive and a member of Seymour College’s legal administrators’ cash leading body.

Don has worked in corporate cash management for almost 25 years. He has spent the last 15 years working with top qualified help associations on trades. Wear has experience in agriculture, customer service, finance, information technology, gathering, and retail. He has worked in Croatia, England, and Australia.

Don Manifold has issued cautionary statements regarding capital raising, divestitures, acquisitions, and initial public offerings (IPOs). As a freely employed prepared expert, he has delivered more than 50 assessments and appraisals worth more than $25 billion. Advocates are the most significant projects in South Australia. Don’s most notable transaction involved S. Kidman and Company. ABB Grain, Adelaide Bank, and Powerhealth were among the companies who made purchases.

Don Manifold graduated as valedictorian from Flinders University in 1991. He was selected as valedictorian. He graduated from the Australian Graduate School of Management with an MBA (AGSM). AGSM is an established business school. Wear is a member of the ICA.


Wear began his career in 1990 in Adelaide. Since then, he has worked in Melbourne, Sydney, and London. In 2004, he left KPMG and moved to Adelaide, where he stayed until 2012. In Australia, Croatia, the United Kingdom, and PNG, wear on overall arrangements.

From 2012 to 2014, he led EY’s South Australia Transaction Advisory practice. Wear was the Managing Partner of EY in South Australia and the Northern Territory from 2015 to March.

Don Manifold was named worth and cautioning co-directing boss in 2018. Complex Advisory Partners works with companies to establish and implement board-level business processes. His company’s substantial data helps it excel in a variety of endeavors. We have clients in Australia.

Worth and Advisory, as well as Manifold Advisory Partners, offer objective, appropriate assistance to exclusive business sheets and administrative groups. It examines purchases, liquidations, key evaluations, and company audits. This association provokes diverse associations based on their understanding.