• April 17, 2022

 Activision Blizzard: Taking On The Cheaters

Cheating is never a good idea, and when it happens in a video game, the company needs to take immediate action. After all, it doesn’t make for fair play and does more harm than good to the overall gaining experience. That’s when Activision Blizzard caught on to some malicious software being used on one of…

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The Successful Venture Of Min-Liang Tan In The Gaming Industry

Min-Liang Tan, the Razer CEO is a renowned business mogul behind the multi-million-dollar Razer business, where he is the co-founder. The recognized Singapore’s self-made billionaire has made several milestones in the gaming industry. Tan’s businesses are up and running, introducing successful innovations in the past 15 years to meet the needs of the public. How…

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