• September 20, 2021

Betsy DeVos Uses Her Family Fortune To Advocate For Important Causes

Money is something that can get a lot of things done. Those who have a large fortune understand this well. Betsy DeVos has been very fortunate in her life. She has been into a fortune. She has also married into one as well. This has given her a firm financial footing in life. In the process, she’s come to realize the true power of money in life. She is happy to use her fortune in order to help promote causes that she feels are deeply important in American life. This means making use of her money in ways that she feels can really improve the United States. For Betsy DeVos, her fortune means many things. It means she can help finance politicians who share her understanding of the world. She has been there to provide them with the kind of seed money they need to get the attention of voters.


Educational Policies


Of all the causes she believes in, there’s one cause that really stands out for Betsy DeVos. That cause is the cause of modern educational policy. This is where she has found her own understanding of the world and what needs to be changed. As the mother of four children and one of four children, she has been able to watch what happens when young minds begin to open up. She wants all children to have the same kind of educational opportunities that she has had in her own life. That is why she helps back candidates who support ideas that she believes in such as charter schools. These are schools that Betsy DeVos knows offer parents a lot of choices. They help parents find a new path for their kids. They also help all kids have a school for their specific really needs in life.