• September 14, 2022

Andrew Lazarus Acquires $20 Million Plus Hotel Merewether

After the outbreak of the 2019 pandemic, a significant number of people have not been investing in the restaurant industry.

There has been a slow uptake of the investments that this area of the industry has been offering.

As trends have consistently shown, most investors have been strategically working hard so that they can direct their investments in other areas of the market.

This niche seems to have been left without a significant share of investors.

However, there has been an increase in investors looking for investment opportunities in some areas with little investment competition.

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These investors believe that looking for opportunities in these areas will play a fundamental role in eliminating unnecessary competition from the industry.

Andrew Lazarus has emerged as one of the individuals actively working to exploit the opportunities left with little or no competition.

Recent reports from the investment industry show that Andrew Lazarus has acquired Hotel Beach Merewether in Newcastle, one of the region’s most iconic facilities.

Over the years, most investors have been looking for an opportunity to purchase this property at a value of more than $20 million, but they have not been successful.

The owners of this restaurant have not been entertaining any bids and have always shown considerable interest in maintaining the asset.

Today, Andrew Lazarus is now the owner and investor of the iconic restaurant on this iconic beach.

 Lazarus is an investor who has been working hard to look for opportunities to maintain his influence in the market over the years.

However, acquiring one of the stand-out real estate properties in this region indicates that he is highly focused on dominating the investment sector in years to come.

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