• October 8, 2021

 Alex Molinaroli, CEO of Johnson Controls

Alex A Molinaroli, CEO of Johnson Controls and Chairman of the World Economic Forum’s Board of Directors, shares his views on global economic growth and what we need to do to secure it.

Alex A Molinaroli, CEO of Johnson Controls and Chairman started humbly as a janitor at Johnson Controls before working his way up the ranks of the company. He is now the chairman and CEO of one of America’s largest multinational conglomerates. And he has a message for politicians worldwide: it’s time to quit bickering and start building – literally – if we want to spur economic growth.

Molinaroli insists that the economic slowdown is just part of a normal cycle. He has faith in companies’ ability to innovate and adapt. But he also sees this as an opportunity to make real changes, starting with how we build our homes, offices, factories, and roads.

Alex A Molinaroli is the Chairman of the World Economic Forum’s Board of Directors. Molinaroli was also elected to the WEF’s Board in January 2013 and serves as its Co-Chair of the Future Global Redesign Initiative.

Since joining Johnson Controls in 2001, Molinaroli has helped grow annual net sales from $15 billion to $36 billion by focusing on global expansion and diversification into emerging markets, growth through innovation and acquisitions, strategic geographic expansion with sales in over 150 countries, and broadening the company’s customer base.

In addition to his role at Johnson Controls—where he is also a member of the Executive Committee—Molinaroli currently serves on the board of directors for Rockwell Automation Inc., an American Fortune 500 company that provides control and information solutions, and is a member of the board of trustees for Milwaukee School of Engineering.

He was elected chairman of World Economic Forum USA in December 2012 and will serve on its Board of Trustees from 2013 to 2014.

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