• June 28, 2021

Why The Cloud Inventory And Lipper International Struck A Deal?

The Lipper International has collaborated with DSI to upgrade its trending Cloud Inventory version, cloud-based inventory and innovative mobile management platform. Lipper International has specialized in outstanding products for office, kitchen, and home. The main reason why they collaborated with DSI back in 2017 was mainly to terminate streamline and paper-based activities associated with its warehouse endeavors.

They have also achieved recommendable success by intensively using the Cloud Inventory platform. Besides, it has deployed reconfigurable software that allows it to be self-sufficient with its inventory management activities. As a result, the company will fully achieve overtime hours reduction, especially during peak period, while boosting its total sales by approximately 20 percent annually.

Furthermore, it has configured the software with its latest installed NetSuite Enterprises Resource Planning to achieve extraordinary results in the long run. Lipper International empire is confident with its latest installed software, making it dominate the upgrade platform fully. Their partnership will allow the company’s software to have real-time visibility inventory at the end. With its flexible software, Lipper International would easily upgrade its software without time-consuming and any hassle, which makes it suitable for its NetSuite Enterprises resource Planning system.

That upgraded software pulls along with incredible features that the company intensively depends on for revenue generation, customer feedback, and inventory optimization. It hasn’t employed the IT specialist team because it can comfortably manage the IT footprint and significantly reduce its server-based software. Also, the software enables accurate visibility inventory, optimization and dominates the company’s requirements amicably. These requirements include analytics, labelling, replenishment, and dynamic bin management. Read more about here.

Amy McCauley, the Lipper International CEO and President, confessed that their collaboration with DSI would probably enable them to rise to the pinnacle. In addition, they can comfortably upgrade their interactive and responsive Cloud Inventory’s latest version without any hassle. Field Inventory Management has heavily boosted Cloud Inventory operations activities making it scale higher.


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