• June 6, 2021

The Journey of Juan Monteverde as a Lawyer

Juan Monteverde is an attorney that can be regarded as the shareholders’ rights defender. Before becoming an attorney, Mr. Monteverde studied finance. He is an alumnus of California State University, whereby he studied B.S. in Finance. For his legal career, he studied at St. Thomas University School of Law. Mr. Monteverde then went on to sit and pass the bar exam before beginning his journey in the legal career. After law school, he did not immediately start his own legal practice. Juan Monteverde was committed to growing his skills in the legal field; therefore, he first worked for various law firms. As a result, he gained enough securities law and shareholder rights skills, an area of practice in which he has grown to practice with so much passion.

When he founded Monteverde & Associates P.C., he was finally ready to run the firm as a securities law and shareholders. He built his law firm on a solid foundation of running a law business that has a good reputation. Mr. Monteverde continues to demonstrate his firm’s values based on the amount of due diligence he puts in the case he handles. He has a record of having gone all the way to the supreme court to represent his clients. So far, Jaun Monteverde has dealt with several successful cases. Most of his clients trust his work and have grown to have so much confidence in the work he does.

The work ethic of Juan Monteverde continues to give him relevance in New York and across the U.S. Clients get value for their money because he is very transparent with his legal fees. Most times, he gets paid after having represented a client. The wealth of experience Mr. Monteverde had before founding his law firm gave him the basis to make profits even when the firm was still very young.

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