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Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is a great professional and marketer in all fields as he has worked in quality assurance for medical companies the majority of his career. Although his career has recently taken a huge change to be the CEO of a marketing company doing quality assurance for medical companies that produced drugs prepared him better than any other place. When Edwin first graduated from college the medical industry seemed to be a perfect fit that he was qualified for. Having a degree in biologics he could understand how drugs were made and the process that took. But, Edwin had no interest in making the drugs or coming up with what drugs to make. So he took a position where he would be over quality assurance. Having his degree defiantly gave him a leg up on getting the position out of college because he would understand in his own right what the drug was for and if it was safe.
During his thirty three year career in this he naturally moved up the ladder but more importantly he was a great marketer for selling the drug. Being highly intelligent, charismatic, and already having dealt with the faults before going to the FDA made it easy for him to sell them on the drug and get it to market much faster than what other people in the same position had done in the past. But a while back he ended his career with this to take on his own company and grow the marketing industry. As a naturally technical savvy person he is making sure that his company not only keeps up with the technology on the market but anticipates it so that the companies which hire him never feel as if they are behind the process or behind in what they could use to market to customers.

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