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How Dr. Jennifer Walden Became A Leading Laser Hair Removal Experts

Laser hair removal has been becoming increasingly more popular over the past few years and has quickly become one of the leading cosmetic surgeries in the country. However, as Dr. Jennifer Walden has noted, this isn’t a procedure that’s just being used by women; in fact, she’s noted that it’s become increasingly popular among men in recent years. Dr. Walden has been involved in the cosmetic surgery world for quite some time, and has seen a variety of trends come and go; however, laser hair removal has become one of the more long-lasting ones that she’s seen. As such, she’s offered the treatment in each of her MedSpa’s for the past several years.

Perhaps the most notable reasons behind this growth has been the fact that it’s an effective alternative to shaving, waxing, or using depilatory creams. As the founder of the Skintology MedSpa in New York City, Dr. Jennifer Walden has noted that anybody can be a potential candidate for laser hair removal, and that gender doesn’t need to factor into it. Because of that, she’s noted that she’s seen an extensive amount of men and women come into her clinic to avail of the service. Because of this, Dr. Jennifer Walden and the rest of her staff at the Skintology MedSpa have become leading experts in the area.

As Dr. Jennifer Walden has noted, the laser hair removal procedure may not be as quick as people might think. This is chiefly because for the majority of people, the number of treatments that a patient needs can depend on the area being treated. Having said that, she’s also noted that many people will start to see the benefits of the treatment from the initial treatment. This is because laser hair removal can reduce the thickness of the hair in the area from the first treatment onward. As Dr. Jennifer Walden has noted that laser hair removal works by targeting and destroying the hair follicles so that hairs don’t have a chance to grow. Once these follicles have been destroyed, the hair will no longer have a chance to grow, resulting in no more need to shave or wax.

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