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Jojo Hedaya: Executive CEO of Organization

Most people in the world have an email account at this time, whether or not you are looking at those emails, however, is a different story. Many people walk around every day with email after email piling up in their inbox, but not having the time to go through them. This was a problem that Jojo Hedaya encountered as well. 24 and on the go, he never had time to check his email, and being a college student studying abroad, this was making responding to important emails difficult. Soon after started college, he and Josh Rosenwald, who met by chance after both moving from New York to study abroad, spoke about the incident, as Josh was not receiving any answers from Jojo because all his messages were getting buried.

Afterward, Josh would say that since it was such a commonplace problem, as well as a personal one, they had all the inspiration they needed to design a program that would help them both solve this issue. After collaborating for a time, they finally came up with the ideas for the program, such as making it possible to delete your subscriptions all at once, which was something that hadn’t been thought of yet.

So, their Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald’s dream, Unroll.Me was put together. The two of them describe it as being able to pull up every subscription that is emailing you, there is little to no hassle, as all you must do is choose the email, then the subscriptions you would like to keep, get rid of all together, or put them into your roll-up. This roll-up feature allows whichever emails you prefer to be put into a daily digest, so that you are getting all of your important news when you want it, and are keeping you inbox with as little clutter as possible. You are also able to pick your preferred time to have your roll-up delivered.

While he is still young, Jojo Hedaya did drop out of his educational journey to work on this project. However, he does not regret it, as he says that he feels as though he is learning more where he is now, rather than in school. He is interested in returning, but at this moment and time, Unroll.me has all of his attention.