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OSI Food Solutions Is Building For The Future

While you may purchase food from restaurant chains such as McDonald’s frequently, you might not know much about the companies that supply them with that they serve to their customers like you. One of these companies is OSI Food Solutions which is one of the biggest food processors in the United States. The business started out small in Chicago as a local meat market. The owner, Otto Kolschowsky, was a German immigrant who later passed it on to his sons and it was rebranded to Otto & Sons in 1928. When the company was just serving their local community, they managed to build strong relationships with their excellent customer service.

Even though the company is now operating around 70 facilities around the world in 17 countries, OSI Food Solutions is still dedicated to building strong relationships with every customer that they serve. Instead of looking at the businesses that they work with as customers, they view their relationship as a partnership. As a company, they were able to quickly see that when the people they were providing value added food too were successful, so were they. After making a deal with the franchiser of McDonald’s, Ray Kroc, they were determined to keep up with their demand when McDonald’s started expanding across the United States. They began using nitrogen freezing techniques in 1973 at their newly built plant that was capable of processing large volumes of hamburger patties and other foods products.

In fact, their relationship with McDonald’s played a major role when OSI Food Solutions expanded to Europe. OSI Food Solutions may already be one of the biggest names in the industry and an important part in the food manufacturing history of the United States, but they have even bigger plans for the future to supply more people around the world with food that is high quality products and a good value. While the different facilities and companies that are part of OSI Food Solutions may be part of a brand, they understand that different regions will have different needs. On a local level, management is able to make a lot of decisions themselves to meet the needs of the area.

Stream Energy Continues To Build On Its Already Impressive Record Of Philanthropy:

Stream Energy is a company that is really serious about philanthropy and particularly passionate about giving back to its home state of Texas. When it comes to philanthropy at Stream Energy, the whole team is involved. From the executive leadership team to entry-level employees, the Stream team all get involved in the charitable work that the firm does. Charitable work has become such a big part of what Stream Energy does that the company has founded a special department called Stream Cares for the specific purpose of charitable works. The Steam Cares team have been busy helping to further the Stream Energy reputation for philanthropy. This is being accomplished through to significant efforts that are regularly made by the company’s employees in the spirit of giving back. Patch is a place that has made a big effort to feature the philanthropic work that is done by the team at Stream Energy.


Many of the communities of the state of Texas were devastated when Hurricane Harvey came roaring through. This storm cut a real path of destruction that left many with their lives completely upended. This is where organizations like Stream come in and the company did not hesitate to mobilize Stream Cares to help out with this desperate situation. Helping to give assistance to Dallas area homeless individuals is another big project that the Stream Cares team has been engaged in recently. The organization joined up with a group called Hope Supply Co. in order to provide this essential assistance to the needy of Dallas, Texas.
Stream Energy is known for providing top-notch electricity services and services for various aspects of customer’s lives. With Stream Cares, the company is providing to those that are in need of it. Supporting the efforts of local communities is a top priority to the Stream Cares team. It is not a surprise to see such an innovative company also making such significant efforts toward community service and philanthropy. Stream has one of the most unique business models in the energy business and the company and its representatives take a great deal of pride in passing along their successes in the form of philanthropy.

Shervin Pishevar: Touches With Twitter

If you did not catch the Twitter rampage earlier this year from Shervin Pishevar, here is a breakdown of the events. The tweets covered everything from the American bond market, the future of some stocks, and Silicon Valley. It was a lengthy Twitter splurge, which covered a lot of territory.

First, there is a little background to know about Pishevar. He has made many good investment moves, such as Uber, Dollar Shave Club, and Slack, so that is why he can comment on finances and the economy.

For some good news, Shervin Pishevar sees a shining light with some of the space programs, such as SpaceX. He also commented on the inspiring work coming from Virgin Hyperloop. By the way, he is a partner in the Virgin Hyperloop company.

Now for the other facts and figures he threw out there. He tweeted on a prediction that the stock market will take a complete drop of 6,000 points. He compared it to a bear waking up from a long winter’s hibernation. He has a theory that the decline is being caused by interest rates that continue to climb. Coupling the increasing rates with tax freebies, he believes the market will not be sustainable, and the crash is inevitable.

Bonds have lost their glimmer. Government bonds use to have some influence and help stabilize the economy. Central banks purchased bonds as a mechanism to offset the stock market. Pishevar tweets about how this form of manipulation is antiquated. He said it has worn out its welcome because it was used too many times.

Next he tackled the world markets. In his words, the US has exported inflation. By his accounts, this action has been taking place for years. The state of the US finances is not walled off from the rest of the world’s economy. Pishevar appears to have little hope that the current political climate will stop the exportation because of the international trade that is being tested and disrupted.

Shervin Pishevar speaks of the Silicon Valley as if it is crumbling like the pyramids. The Valley use to be as shiney as the bond market, but it too has burned itself out. The talent that use to beat the door down to get in is now looking elsewhere.

Shervin Pishevar Twitter inferno lasted for several hours, and it seemed like nothing was left untouched. Spectators wonder if that will be the last full rampage we hear from Shervin Pishevar until next year.