Careers in Law: Litigator Karl Heideck

Careers in Law: Litigator Karl HeideckWhen we picture a lawyer in our mind, the first image that usually pops up for most people is someone spending a lot of time in the courtroom wearing a suit and dealing with lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit. However, many don’t realize that litigation in itself is actually a very wide field which has a job description that can vary widely. Ultimately, litigators are lawyers that represent plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases, specifically. They also are responsible for managing all phases of the litigation process including: investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlement, and appeal.

Careers in Law: Litigator Karl HeideckOne of the best litigators today is Karl Heideck. Karl practices in the Greater Philadelphia region of the United States and specializes in both risk management and compliance practices. He also specializes in several different areas and has been for over 10 years in the following areas: employment law, legal writing, corporate law, product liability, commercial litigation, and legal research. Not only is Mr. Heideck highly reputable in his field, but also has experience and is skilled in the areas which he works in, and has education to back it up. He first originally pursued English and Literature at the Swarthmore College, and eventually graduated with honors after later joining the Tempe University Beasley School of Law.

Education is the first step for someone who wants to enter the legal field, as throughout their education they develop the necessary essential skills for things such as negotiation, dispute resolution, communication, settlement, and passing the state bar exam. While working as an attorney in Philadelphia, Karl Heideck gained an extensive amount of experience in civil cases, filing complaints on behalf of clients as well as responding to different complaints. Throughout this time, he gained hands-on experience of the complete litigation process, which is why he is one of the most sought out in his field. The litigation process experience in which he worked also included filing motions and responses for both defendants and appeals. In a lack for better words, Karl Heideck can best be summed up as taking legal action against people and organizations for clients, and also defends them if and when the law is brought against them.

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Josh Verne: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

Josh Verne is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of professional experience. In all these years, he has worked to found and sell more than 20 companies at their level of maturity. For this reason, he has gained recognition as one of the ablest business leaders in the United States. During his many years of professional experience, he learned that vision is the key to success. For those leaders who want to succeed in business, hey must embrace the true nature of business leadership in a manner that is unprecedented in the industry. For this reason, leadership is the art that lets someone see what others cannot see while standing.


  1. 1. Have a balance in life.

For you to succeed in life and business, you must struggle to balance all your life entities in a manner that depicts the true leadership in business. For this reason, ensure you understand that you can own all the money in the world without having a true family. As a matter of fact, people can be so rich without a family to enjoy their wealth. For this reason, some of the people can b own money but have a sick family. For this reason, they will never enjoy what he struggles to achieve on a daily basis. A balance in life is all about spending all you have to develop high-end capabilities in a manner that is unprecedented in the industry.


  1. Do what gives you passion

While many people lack passion in what they do, few of them succeed in what they do. For those who are passionate, they will never fail in life. However, those who lack passion will lose faith and direction. As a matter of fact, they will always lose everything they have to those with passion.

Physical Fitness Gets a Fashionable Reward From Don Ressler

Society seems to show a lot of admiration to people that are fit. For one thing, they look the best in the clothes that are offered in the fashion industry on The right fit of clothes falls into a happy medium of showing off the body and yet allowing for some breathing room. Physically fit people are the ones who bring out the best look in style. However, when one looks at the athletic section of the fashion industry, they’d be inclined to wonder why there is so little to offer in style. Instead, there are a ton of generic, bland and uninspired clothing that could actually bring about boredom. Don Ressler has noticed this issue and has worked with Kate Hudson and others in order to bring forth Fabletics.

Fabletics addresses the issue with athletic clothing. After all, physically fitness is an admirable goal on Therefore, it is only fitting that it is rewarded with some of the most creative styles in the industry. Therefore, Fabletics offers some new colors, fits, and even material. To make things even better, the clothes that are offered can actually transcend their purpose at For instance, the clothes that women wear for fitness could also be worn in corporate environments.

In the TechStyle family of brands, Fabletics is the star brand for Don Ressler. It is the company that is making the most steps. The online subscription retailer has satisfied customers. The physical locations that have recently opened up are experiencing similar successes with customers. Women have the chance to try on any new product that they find in the store.

The fashion industry has been designed to help people feel important. Athletic clothing is also fashion says Don Ressler. Therefore, it is only right that the activewear area gets to experience the creativity and thoughtfulness being made towards this part of the industry.

Fabletics Succeeds in the ECommerce Fashion World

For almost an eternity the model for clothes shopping in the modern era was pretty simple. A shopper went out to a store they liked and spent a few hours trying on a selection of clothing, and if they found something that fit and flattered, they bought it. Since no one really foresaw the rise of the Internet and its impact on fashion, it’d be understandable if most people assumed this model of shopping would never change. The fact is that this model has been blown up by the meteoric rise in online shopping. Right now, e-commerce fashion shopping is a huge business, and its popularity has made it ever harder for new brands to break through.



Amazon Takes A Share


One of the reasons it’s become harder for new brands to establish themselves in the commerce fashion market is the influence of Right now takes a 20 percent share out of the fashion market online, which means all the other brands must fight for their place in a crowded market. Also, customers today are asking a lot from the brands they buy from. These consumers expect more than just a quality product. They want last mile service and unique brand experiences, too. Can any new company compete in today’s hot market?


Fabletics Finds Success


The answer to this question is yes. Fabletics, the fashionable online activewear brand launched three years ago by actress Kate Hudson and her partners, has grown to a value of $250 million. That’s an amazing achievement, especially considering how competitive this market is.


Fabletics offers great looking clothing that feels great and is versatile enough to go from the gym to a dinner out. These clothes are also priced affordably, so they appeal to a broad range of women, not just the upscale market.


Fabletics is bringing some unique brand ideas to the business, too. The monthly VIP package offered by Fabletics gives consumers a chance to sign up to receive a personalized collection of clothing every monthl, geared to their personal tastes and workout regime. Kate Hudson herself oversees the clothing selection, and it’s this hands-on involvement in the brand that has put it head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd.


Hudson herself is an attractive and appealing spokesperson for the brand. With sales continuing on upward, this unique activewear brand looks to be a company with real endurance and staying power.

Betsy DeVos Continues Her Successful Philanthropic And Business Career

The name Betsy DeVos seems as though it will always be associate with education reform in the U.S., which I believe is a good thing as the work Betsy has completed has been among the most significant in the history of the U.S. education system. Betsy DeVos seems as though she would be an unlikely member of what was once seen as an extremist group looking to bring in new programs based on school choice and voucher systems; however, this is exactly what Betsy DeVos was when she began her career as an education reformer looking for the best ways of making sure every child in the U.S. was given the same chance of attending a top quality school as her own four children.

In reading about the work and life of Betsy DeVos I was pleased to discover she had become a member of the fledgling education reform movement decades ago when her own children were attending school. Betsy has explained in a number of interviews I have read that a single moment or event that could be seen as making her feel so strongly about the need for change in the education system, but she does point to numerous visits to the Potter’s House School in Michigan as inspiring her to find out about the options open to everyday families seeking to provide the best education available for their children. One aspect of the work to provide a better education for the children of the U.S. that I find particularly inspiring is the fact Betsy has been able to cross party lines and inspire politicians from all political persuasions to back her cause; a well known conservative, I have been impressed by the way Betsy has worked with many Democrat’s and independents to find support for school choice and voucher programs in states crossing the U.S.

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In my research into many different philanthropists I often find some individuals become fixed on helping a single cause, but I cannot accuse Mrs. DeVos of this as she has worked to help people in a number of different ways. The political work Betsy DeVos has completed for the Michigan Republican Party is obviously impressive, but I believe forms only a small part of her dedication to the people of her home state and the world as a whole. Through The Windquest group Betsy DeVos partners in with her husband Dick a number of impressive investment ventures have been explored, including a dedication to researching clean energy sources. This progressive attitude to global matters can also be seen in the way Betsy DeVos has provided her own financial backing for a scholarship given to students from developing nations to aid in their attendance at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Follow her on Twitter.

Falling For Lip Balm In The Fall

When the fall season arrives, the weather turns cooler and drier. Dry air doesn’t do a lot for the lips, often making them chapped. A quality lip balm can help to keep your lips moisturized while providing other benefits for the delicate skin.

If you see cracks on the lips from them drying out, a little lip balm can help heal the area. Find a product with a high amount of vitamin E, such as Evolution of Smooth, that will provide the healing nutrients that the lips need to heal. This will also help to decrease the risk of an infection developing on the lips.

When the lips are moisturized with lip balm, they appear youthful. Lips that are cracked and dry can make you look like you’re older, which can have an effect on the self-esteem if you work in an environment with a lot of people or if you feel that the lips are a beautiful area of the body. Cracked lips can sometimes bleed and peel, which can be solved by applying lip balm on a frequent basis during the day while the air outside is dry.

EOS lip balm has several products that help to keep the lips smooth and healthy. The round containers of lip balm are small enough to carry in your pocket and are easy to apply on the lips. There are several flavors to choose from, such as mint and strawberry.

There is an abundance of enriching vitamins and oils in each container of the lip balm. You will also find that there are many antioxidants to help keep the lips free of bacteria. Products by Evolution of Smooth have been tested by a dermatologist and are safe to use. You can get the products on Target, Walmart and online on Amazon.

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Sam Boraie Gives Back to His Community as an Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Sam Boraie has been making a big impact on the community of New Brunswick, New Jersey, says this article. As vice-president of Boraie Development, LLC, he has been instrumental in revitalizing the urban landscape of this city. From high-rise apartment buildings to beautiful housing communities, this development company has been building up neighborhoods with their real estate development projects for 30 years. Perhaps no project personifies this more than The Aspire, which according to the New York Times, offers 238 residential units with state-of-the-art amenities. They are known for their commercial developments as well, and this includes Albany Street Plaza, which is located right near the New Brunswick train station and offers 250,000 square feet of office space. Boraie Development also provides property management as well as real estate sales and marketing services to the people in New Brunswick.

While his position at Boraie Development enables Omar Boraie to give back to the community through urban rejuvenation, he also believes in giving back in a more direct way. He sits on the advisory board for the non-profit Elijah’s Promise. This charity was founded in 1989, and it runs a soup kitchen that feeds the poor and homeless. Additionally, it provides education and job training. It does this in keeping with their philosophy that by giving people the tools they need to feed themselves, no one in their community will go hungry. Their outreach and educational programs include Promise Culinary School, Promise Catering and Community Gardens.

At the age of 73, Sam Boraie can look back knowing that he has spent most of his life helping his community. As a trained chemist in Egypt, he has come a long way since he arrived at the shores of America in 1970. Whether as a businessman or a philanthropist, he has lead efforts that have improved the city of New Brunswick and have eased the suffering of its less fortunate residents. As vice-president of Boraie Development, he continues to build new developments that enhance this city and help it grow well into this century.



Jim Hunt, The Entrepreneur And VTA Publications

There are people that can be entrepreneurs, and people who have difficulty with it. It is a lot of discipline to own your own company, and you have to do it every, single day. Jim Hunt is a successful entrepreneur that launched VTA Publications on

How Did Jim Hunt Come Up With VTA Publications?

Jim Hunt was an avid player in the stock market. He learned a lot in his experiences, and he had a knack at trading. Money came his way, and he wanted to help others to do the same thing. To take control of their own finances, instead of the banks controlling their money. He launched VTA Publications so that other people could read his advice and tips in order to control their finances better. For even more information from Jim, people can tune into his YouTube account. By listening to Jim Hunt VTA Publications, many people have been able to turn their lives around, and live a lot better.

Is Jim A Good Guy?

Yes, Jim is a good guy that takes his life seriously, but puts a balance to it. His work has its place, and his family does too. In the morning, he works out to start the day, and then he sets his daily goals on PRNewsChannel. He always meets them. When it is time for dinner later, he spends that time with his family, and that is very important to him. Everything works out well, and he continues to succeed at what he does.

Looking into the future, Jim Hunt will continue to gain more subscribers to his VTA because people want to know how to become financially independent. It is important to Jim to help others, and his advice is what they need. There is a more for Jim to do because he is a true entrepreneur. His advice to others that want to be is to study people, and know what makes them tick. Jim Hunt thinks studying psychology will help with that. Also, a person that wants to own their own business needs to know how to sell, and Jim insists that they learn how to do that so they can be as successful as he is. What great advice from a professional that has proven that he can do it.

Maggie Gill is Improving Lives

For Maggie Gill, the passion to provide quality healthcare access to all of the community extends beyond her day job. Maggie is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah, GA. She began working at Memorial way back in 2004 as the Vice President of Finance/Managed Care and just a year later took over as the Chief Operating Officer.


Maggie took over her current role back in 2011 and has made it a priority to run a tight ship in order to operate under budget while offering as many services to the community as possible. She has extensive experience in the medical finance arena, serving for 5 years as the Chief Financial Officer at the Tenet South Florida Health system. A honors graduate of Florida State University, Maggie also earned her MBA at Saint Leo University. Always one to further her education, she has also completed coursework in strategic thinking and management at the Wharton School. Her combination of experience and education make Maggie a true expert in her career field.


Her work has earned her numerous accolades, including being named one the 135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health Systems and CEOs to Know in 2016 by Becker’s Hospital Review. Also in 2016, the Georgia Medical Society awarded Ms. Gill and Memorial Health a total of seven different awards. Her hard work and determination have had a profound effect on those she works with as well as the patients that are under Memorial Health’s watch. Maggie Gill improves the lives of all those who cross her path.


The Illustrative Career Of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a renowned plastic surgeon and media commentator. She is the founder of Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center in Austin, Texas. In this facility, she engages in plastic surgery practice. In 2014, she topped the list of the best beauty surgeons on Harper’s Bazaar. In addition, various media companies such as ABC News, Fox News, Dr 90210, E! and VH1 have invited her to discuss matters pertaining to plastic surgery as a professional commentator. Dr. Walden has co-authored a textbook known as Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Moreover, she sits on the Editorial Board of Directors of Modern Aesthetics. Dr. Jennifer is among the few women who have served on the prestigious American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Jennifer was born in Austin, Texas. Her father practiced as a dentist. Jennifer’s mother was a surgical nurse. From Anderson High School, she enrolled at the University of Texas where she pursued her Biology degree. Later, she opted to enroll at a medical school. Dr. Walden studied at the University of Texas Medical Branch. Here, she graduated as the best student in her class. Dr. Walden undertook her residency at the prestigious University of Texas Medical Branch. Her exceptional skills and talents saw her win a fellowship in aesthetic surgery. She joined Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital where she worked with revered experts such as Dr. Sherell Aston.

After her fellowship ended, Walden joined NYC’s Upper East Side where she worked for seven years. Here, she was heavily involved in clinical trials that resulted in the reemergence of silicone breast implants. Dr. Walden decided to go back to Austin and establish her practice in order to be closer to her twin sons.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is recognized for using latest technologies at her facility. She has been using a 3D imaging technology that captures a client’s look prior to surgery. For instance, she uses Vectra and ThermiVa. This radio frequency system seeks to tighten and rejuvenate a vagina. Over the years, Dr. Walden has made immense contributions to the plastic surgery industry, including developing equipment for breast surgery. Jennifer works as a consultant for different aesthetic companies such as Venus Concept and ThermiAesthetics.