Marc Beer Helps to Raise Capital

Growing any type of organization can be a challenge. In order to grow your company, you may need to raise capital from outside investors. While this can prove to be a challenge for some people, there are other organizations that have such great concepts and futures that they are able to raise it through a variety of different private equity and venture capital funding. One organization that has done a great job of raising capital over the past few years is Renovia.


Over the past few years, this company has been able to raise several different rounds of private-equity. This recently has included a $32 million series-B fund that will be used to help continue to grow the organization. Renovia continues to be a very popular option with investors due to the medical technology demand that is growing in the field. Today, the organization is very well known for being the innovator behind a variety of different medical devices and other products that are continuing to shape the industry. Learn more:


Along with the new round of equity, the company will also be receiving a $10 million round of venture debt. The more than $40 million of new money coming into the company will help to fuel the growth for the next few years. The company plans to use the money to raise working capital, invest in new product lines, market, and bring a number of new exciting concepts and products to market. This would be an impossible task if it was not for the new round of funding.


Ever since the company was formed, Renovia has continued to be very impressive to investors and other stakeholders. While the medical technology industry is very competitive and hard to succeed in, the company has continued to do well. Much of the success is due to the leadership of the company’s CEO Marc Beer. Follow Marc Beer on LinkedIn


In his role as CEO of Renovia, Marc Beer has been responsible for a variety of initiatives that have been used to grow the company. While the organization has been able to come up with some great concepts, the leadership provided by Beer has been the central driving force behind the success of the company. Over the past few years alone, he has led many different rounds of debt and equity raising that has allowed the company to invest further into new technology.


While Marc Beer has been a very big part of the Renovia team, he has also found other ways to give back. Beer is a very significant part of a variety of advisory councils for the Univeristy of Miami and the University of Notre Dame. He also continues to participate and donate to a range of charitable organizations.


Chainsmokers Get Their First Diamond-Certified Single

About two years after its first release, ‘Closer’, the hit single by the EDM Duo Chainsmokers and Halsey has been diamond certified, which means at least 10 million units have sold of the song. ‘Closer’ is by far the biggest hit for both Chainsmokers and Halsey which arguably shot them to international fame.

‘Closer’ went viral back in 2016 summer and quickly made its way to the top of Hot 100 and remained the leading track far longer than anyone’s anticipation. ‘Closer’ then went on to dominate the all-genre singles listing for at least a dozen consecutive frames. Being in No.1 hits for so long, ‘Closer’ became one of the fourth longest-running No.1 hits in U.S. history, after tying with several blockbuster tracks.

The song proved lucky for both the artists as it contributed to one of their first Grammy nominations and racked up numerous other awards. Until recently, it was the longest-running No. 1 hit according to Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic songs chart before being passed by Zedd, Maren Morris and Grey’s ‘The Middle’ a few months ago. It’s no wonder that the track kept racking up sales, streams as well as radio play ever since.

The big news was announced by both The Chainsmokers and Halsey on their official Instagram pages. They posed with their shiny, minted plaques and looked rightfully excited to have a highly-coveted diamond single under their names.

Before ‘Closer’ shot into fame, the chain smokers duo had several hit songs that featured in the top 10 hits, but this one song made them take a huge leap towards true stardom. Even for Halsey, a popular artist with a huge fandom and termed as a rising talent by the critics, ‘Closer’ proved to be the hit single that helped get her a big breakout and reach wider demographic.

Their debut album ‘Memories…Do Not Open’ has led the Top Dance/Electronic Albums listing for 31 weeks back to back in its first year of the release itself. This now stands as the fourth-most stints on the throne. In addition to being the top track in Top Dance/Electronic Albums tally, this album also opened as No. 1 on the Billboard 200, a rare feat for an electronic/dance record.

Doe Deere As An Entrepreneur

Doe Deere’s original name was Xenia Vorotova, and she was born in Izhevsk, Russia. She had dreams that the United States was a place where dreams come true. She adapted this opinion from music, movies and magazines about America. When she turned 17, Doe and her family, which included her mother and younger sister moved to the United States looking for something better. They decided to take a chance on New York.

With the population of New York being massively bigger, it was a place that they had to get used to. They new they would have to work their way up from the bottom up as it was a very competitive place. They quickly found out that with their mom’s life savings and insane work ethic was not enough to keep the small family ahead. Taking up odd jobs and doing what they could to make ends meet, this life took its tole on the family. Eventually the family had to move into a homeless shelter in Manhattan. 6 months of living in a homeless shelter was hard on the family. It was during this time that Doe took to day dreaming about being a fashion designer and starting documenting her dream. Through all of this they kept working hard and saving money. The small family was starting to lose hope.

Finally, in 1999 they were introduced to Sanctuary for Families. A non-profit legal organization that helped female immigrants. Here is where they met Dorchen Leidholdt, an inspiring woman who worked as a lawyer and feminist. It was this lady who helped Doe’s mother obtain her first job as an accountant in the states. She also assisted Doe on getting into the Fashion Institute of Technology– which was backed by her sketches from the shelter. Later on she helped Doe’s little sister into Columbia University where she attended on a full scholarship and graduated with honors.

By 2000, the family moved out of the shelter to the Lehman Projects. Not an ideal place to live but a step up from the shelter. Doe and her sister even had their own rooms. It was then that Doe realized that what they had been through as a family taught them to stay together through the hard times and pushed them towards success even more. After going through these hardships, Doe found her passion as an entrepreneur. She started her own makeup business Lime Crime. She states that she couldn’t have reached success in wanting the “American Dream” without the trials that her and her family experienced.

Wes Edens Has Recently Added An Exciting New Endeavor To His Already Extensive List:

Wes Edens is among the world’s leading financial minds and one of the three co-founders of the prestigious investment management organization Fortress Investment Group. He started the firm in 1998 alongside Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone and continues to be a major player in the firm’s development in the wake of its acquisition by Japan’s SoftBank. Over his highly successful career, Wes Edens has developed an impeccable reputation for being able to cash in on situations that seem like they would be a loss. While many were reeling from the financial crisis that exploded in 2008, Wes Edens found ways to make a good thing out of a bad situation. 2010 saw Wes find success in the subprime lending industry only two years removed from 2008’s financial crash. Since that time he has also become a major player in the realm of professional sports ownership. Wes Edens is currently a co-owner of the Bucks of the NBA and also English soccer club Aston Villa.

In addition to his massive commitment to Fortress Investment Group and his pro sports franchises that he owns, Wes Edens has also been spending a lot of time lately in helping to develop and grow his newest business venture. He has recently gotten into the public transportation business and his new Brightline train service is making a massive difference in the lives of many commuters in South Florida who have long suffered dealing with congested road conditions during their morning and evening commutes.

It has long been a nightmare for commuters to get between the South Florida municipalities of Fort Lauderdale and Miami as a drive that should take under an hour can often extend to multiple ones when conditions are bad. The Brightline train has been making the lives of many of these commuters much easier and it has been such a success that there are now many other U.S. city combos that are trying to get this service brought to them as well. Soon there could be similar services running in places such as St. Louis to Chicago and Charlotte to Atlanta.

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Southridge Capital’s Investments and Future Tactics

Southridge Capital provides banking services investment advice and security brokering services. Its headquarters is in Ridgefield, Connecticut. It was founded in 1996, and it still runs its services to date. Currently the company employers around 50 workers who oversee their operations. The private firm has one exit and two investments, with one lead investment to their name.

The company invested on Aug 2005 $1.8M in Raft International. Raft International is ranked as one of the best company’s in providing banking solutions and energy solutions with specialization in management applications. Southridge Capital recently invested $5M equity acquisition arrangements on a well-established Elite Data Firm, which specializes in gaming, automotive and hospitality. The company will be able to enjoy the versatility the data firm will generate using the already established frameworks of Southridge. The organization is dedicated to providing full-spectrum of original economic solutions, which meet the diverse customer needs. Global online traffic ranking based on monthly web visitors place the firm at 21,019,862 among the ranked sites worldwide.


Under the leadership of Stephen M. Hicks, the company has developed over the last 20 years. Hicks founded the company and still plays a significant role as an investor. He has broad experiences in all spectrums of finance and business. The idea of starting the company came to him while working at a New York hedge fund with the permission of his employer. He began working on his firm while at the organization. You can visit


Hicks is a hard worker who starts his day by making a list of to-do things. His ideas are then brought to life by research coupled with experience in the field. He says that the newest trend in the cryptocurrency is one that could make him think about investing in diversified areas. Hicks believes that it is essential for a company to focus on cash and the returns of investments and to calculate the risks in business before investing heavily. You can follow their Twitter account.


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Washington D.C. Is A Tough Place, But Not As Tough As Betsy DeVos

Washington D.C. is a tough place, and it is even tougher on the politicians and lawmakers who choose to work there every day. Betsy DeVos is widely known in Michigan for her ability to fight for what she believes in and for her determination and grit. When she was called upon to serve as the Secretary of Education for the United States, she answered the call. During her confirmation hearings, she faced some of the toughest and nastiest opposition who were all highly critical of her views. Many people were surprised by how civil she was during the hearings, and many others were not. This is the way Mrs. DeVos has always been; gracious, civil, and respectful but also very formidable.


When president Trump decided to rescind a law that allowed transgender students to use a bathroom that aligned with their gender identity, Betsy DeVos quietly disagreed. She decided to meet with a transgender and gay employee representative from the Department of Education to let them know what was about to happen. In public, she never appeared to be distressed by what Trump did, and she also joined him when he made the announcement. This caused some people to believe that she would serve as a quiet team player who simply does what she is told. Those from her home state of Michigan already knew this wasn’t the case. People close to her also revealed that while she was a bit bothered by how she was treated during her confirmations, that she had already moved on and was ready to get to work.


Betsy DeVos has been battling it out with those who don’t agree with her points of view for many years. To some people, the confirmation hearings might have seemed a bit brutal, and it might have appeared that she was ready to give up. This was never the case and was evident in the way that she handled it all with grace and dignity. After being made to look ignorant by her opposition, she called up the two leaders of the largest teachers’ unions in the United States to meet with them. These leaders are Lily Eskelsen García and Randi Weingarten who both have opposing political views when compared to DeVos. While Garcia decided not to meet with DeVos, Weingarten did. Weingarten later commented that too many people underestimate Betsy DeVos and that they would be wise not to.


Betsy DeVos has now settled into her role as the Secretary of Education for the U.S.A., and she has already made a difference. Many politicians in Washington D.C. are now beginning to see that she was and is the right woman for the job. The nation is in need of strong but caring leaders, and she fits the bill in every way.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

OSI Industries grows its food production business

OSI Industries is a producer of processed foods. Since 2016, the company has been busy making purchases of other business and expanding the processing plants that it already owns in different parts of the world. The company has been focusing on both local and international expansion. To ensure that the local production activities were going on well, the company started with an acquisition in Chicago. They acquired a food plant that was previously owned by Tyson Foods. The plant is one of the largest in the world, and it is located in another plant that is owned by the company. The purchase of this new plant will give OSI more space to produce more products for their consumers in North America.

After the acquisition of the new plant in Chicago. OSI Industries moved to the international arena. The first initiative they took was the purchase of Baho Food in 2016. This company is based in Netherlands and deals with the production of snacks, meat and convenience foods. According to the COO of OSI David McDonald, the acquisition was made so that the company can focus on international growth in Europe. Europe is a lucrative market, and OSI is trying every means possible to become a dominant player in the industry.

The acquisition of Baho Foods will help OSI industries to spread its wings in Europe. Baho Foods has multiple affiliates in Netherlands and Germany, and therefore it is a vital acquisition for OSI. The other thing that happened with this acquisition is that OSI did not take over the management of Baho Foods. What they did is that they retained the management and focused on coming up with a strategy that will ensure that both companies benefit. OSI has always made sure that they work with people who understand the market better than they do. It is for such reasons that they find working with the already existing managers of Baho Foods as a plus in their efforts to conquer the European market.

Working with people who understand the market better means that the management of OSI Industries can make informed decisions based on the needs of the consumer. Using foreign managers in foreign lands would be faulty. The approach by OSI has seen the company gain new customers consistently because they can meet the needs of those customers. Serving customers with products that meet their taste and preferences is the main goal of OSI Industries.

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Introduction to Fortress Investment Group and Gareth Henry

In the past years, Fortress Investment Group has recorded consistent growth and has ventured into global markets. The positive performance is linked to the commitment and innovation of the team. The Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, Pet Briger and Rob Kauffman. While Kaufman resigned from his position in 2012, it is worth noting that other co-principals are still involved in the day-to-day running of the organization. Gareth Henry is one of the financial analysts who have helped transform the Fortress Investment Group.

Gareth Henry acts as the managing director of the Fortress Investment Group. Through an evaluation of the prevailing economic trends, the group can guide the investors on low-risk strategies and other initiatives that can be used to accumulate wealth. The Fortress Investment Group was acquired by the Softbank Group Inc which is based in Japan. The move was propelled by the desire of the Japanese conglomerate to increase its financial services.

Despite the merger, the operations and ventures of the group remained independent. The founders also coordinate the operations. The decision to retain the financial management firm as an independent venture was prompted by the need to maintain the culture that had been developed over the years. The investors are driven by the need to help their clients attain financial success and freedom. Recently, the group has exhibited its interest in venturing into other countries such as Brazil which is seen as being unexploited. There are similar efforts to increase the level of operations in energy and real estate operations.

Brief Background on Gareth Henry

Gareth Henry is a skilled financial analyst who attended the University of Edinburgh. He studied actuarial mathematics and had over the years employed the skills as a guide to strategic planning. In the early years, Gareth worked for the Schroder which is a global investment firm. After some years, he migrated to the USA where he began working with the Fortress Investment Group. Gareth Henry holds the position of the managing director and monitors pension funds and wealth of the group. He has also been on the leading front in coming up with strategies to venture in overseas markets.

Marc Beer Supports Women’s Health through Series of Donations

The pelvic floor refers to a network of connected muscles, tissues, as well as ligaments that support the pelvic organs. Pelvic floor disorders refer to the dropping down of the urethra, rectum, or uterus often caused by the injury of ligaments or connective tissues. As such, affected women can feel pressure in the pelvis besides developing problems with bowel movements. When that occurs, a pelvic examination is usually conducted to determine the root of the problem. In other scenarios, pelvic exercises in addition to pessaries and surgeries can be administered.



Understanding the Pelvic Floor Disorders


Since many women fail to access pelvic treatment for their disorders because of the charged attached to it, different companies have come forward to support them in seeking treatment. One such company is Renovia Inc. The firm is committed to discovering as well as delivering first-range digital therapeutic in addition to diagnostic devices customized for women who have pelvic floor disorders announced the close of a donation of $42.3 million that included $32.3 million and $10 million from Series B equity. Proceeds from these donations will be utilized in supporting Renovia’s clinical trials and corporate development.


The Donations


Ascension Ventures chaired the Series B Project for financing. Other participants include Longwood Fund, Cormorant Asset Management, and Western Technology. Moreover, Marc Beer, the co-founder of Renovia was part of the program. He said that his organization was proud to be associated with the fundraiser since it would be channeled to the betterment of women’s reproductive health. He also added that the mix of capital ventures would help improve the chances of diagnosing and treating women affected by pelvic floor disorders. Besides, the partners are aligned with Renovia’s commercial vision.



Beer also said that by combining the firm’s innovative sensor technologies with innovative platforms of digital health, clients would be able to access valuable data regarding new treatment options thereby disseminating information on pelvic floor disorders. Besides, the funding recognizes the value of innovative digital treatment.



Marc Beer’s Profile


Marc Beer is the co-founder and CEO of Renovia. He has over 25 years of experience in commercializing biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and diagnostics. He has since successfully sealed a series of funding programs made to cater to different patients in the healthcare sector. Moreover, he has worked at ViaCell as the CEO. This is a biotechnology company that majors in the collection as well as the preservation of umbilical cord stem cells. Learn more:

Gareth Henry Is Excited To Work With Terry Herubin And Matthew Brody

Gareth Henry is Fortress Investment Group’s Global Head of Investor Relations. He told AplhaQ that client service is crucial for successful global real estate investment management. Matthew Brody and Terri Herubin were hired to focus on real estate marketing and client service. Terri was Barings Real Estate’s Managing Director and Portfolio Manager. She will oversee the client service and be the real estate product specialist. Matthew was Walton Street Capital’s Principal and will be in charge of the real estate activities’ business development. Digital platforms are changing how client and fund managers interact. Gareth Henry believes Terri and Matt will help the firm improve the breadth, flexibility, and quality of service.

Terry was The Townsend Group’s Principal and Portfolio Manager. She was also New York State Teachers’ Retirement System’s Co-Portfolio Manager. Gareth Henry said Terri is respected in the real estate pension fund community for her portfolio management and client-facing roles. Her skillset will help the company keep up with the communication and reporting needs of clients. She will work with the business development team to help investors find real estate investment opportunities. The client services and marketing partnership is crucial for success.

Matthew Brody’s relationships and product knowledge will improve Angelo, Gordon’s marketing efforts. He worked at Walton Street Capital for 11 years. He previously worked for Ernst & Young as an Assurance and Advisory Business Services Associate. Brody and Herubin will work with Aliana Spungen, who has improved the firm’s client services and real estate marketing. He was confident the two would strengthen the firm’s capabilities.

Gareth Henry said Herubin would bring support for the marketing teams and portfolio management. Angelo, Gordon’s success has been based on its teamwork and talent. The firm has worked with clients who want to create co-investment platforms. Herubin said the firm has been recognized for putting clients first and she is excited to work with the team. Brody was ready to work with the firm because of its reputation and value-added approach.