• July 27, 2021

Haroldo Jacobovicz, making changes through his creations

With his roots in Brazil, Haroldo Jacobovicz is highly held through his impact, especially in the rise of the country’s economy. He was both in families of engineers that highly motivated his need for creation; through learning and putting his kills in a practical, Haroldo Jacobovicz put his first business venture with friends while in college. They founded the microsystem, which played its part in helping other companies through inventory. Though later the business crumbled down, he learned lessons to help through his next phase in business.

After his studies, he was exposed to ten real worlds, where his impeccable skills would see great promotion at works; he made his outstanding stint at Esso among learning all the details that would necessitate his goals. Through the industrial experience, he decided to work on something to give more information about the growing technology. With his tool sharpened and already, he gathered the right market strategy and the best research method by developing e-Govern.

Through his continuous nature in developing and trying, he came up with Horizons Telecom. The system has maintained its high ranks in the industry due to high-quality equipment and its generative network. The system has positively been a source of blessing to many Brazilians. Amid the pandemic snarls, the Data Center made its way among Haroldo Jacobovicz’s achievements to add more to his plate. The system also provides cloud computing solutions primarily to many stakeholders, including other companies in different sectors. Earning his spot as great CEO in the making through his ventures, Haroldo Jacobovicz is a leader who a has put his goals on the frontline. Through positive thought and allowing captive people around himself, he has borrowed practical tactics that he inputs in business. He amasses himself with lots of readings, especially as his work involves intensive planning and research work. He has also been recognized locally and internationally as he continues in the development of exemplary creations and more