• June 22, 2021


Fortress Investment Group is a colossal investment management company based out of New York City. Founded back in 1998 as a private firm by motivated business partners was just the beginning of triumph. In 2008 during the rise of an economic downfall the firm had to respond with diligence. With the group on the rise back to higher ground, 2014 was the year Fortress Investment Group shined with awards for many great works. In the mist of the Covid-19 pandemic the company manages to be a helping hand.

Although the firm started off in New York City small, it obtained billions in private investments in its first decade. In 2006 the Fortress Investment Group went through major changes within the financial realm of economics. Having to liquidate some assets to make good on a loan dampened the company’s worth. Being the first company to be traded publicly came during the era of a financial crisis.

After many years of maintaining its vigilance in the tough financial markets the New York City company was for sale. In 2017 the firm was bought by the SoftBank Group at a price tag of $3.3 billion dollars. The company endured being sieged by fraud from another adversary. Fortress also filed lawsuits against the company Apple on behalf of its clients due to a term known as “patent trolling”.

Through its many challenges during times of distress and economic setbacks, Fortress Investment Group had to reconstruct its way of handling the case with Biofire. The technology company was developing Covid-19 test kits without Fortress having knowledge. Fortress gave license permission for Biofire to continue with the kits because it was unrelated to the lawsuit. Through it all the financial big body is still climbing its way in the Big Apple.

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