• August 7, 2021

Edgard Corona and Bio Ritmo’s Beginnings

Edgar Corona is the CEO as well as the founder of the company called Bio Ritmo. This is one of the biggest companies when it comes to sports activity and exercise in both Brazil and throughout the Latin American countries.

Besides creating Bio Ritmo, Edgard Corona is also a forerunner when it comes to business management specifically in the realm of sports and exercise. Before Edgard Corona was involved with Bio Ritmo, he was working in the industrial arena. Additionally, Edgar Corona was a famous figure in terms of his political stances as well.

He was born in the 50s. After he got his diploma, he went to an engineering course in chemical engineering at a college called FAAP

In the 80s. Edgard Corona began working at Acucareira Corona, which is a factory that his family owned. In the beginning, Edgard had the idea of just helping his family out and coming back to work for his family and with his family’s factory after he got his education. When Edgard began work with the company, it was actually suffering some financial problems.

Edgard Corona began as the COO of his family’s group in the business with an eye for fixing these issues. As the Chief Officer of Operations, Edgard was essentially the one in charge of fixing the problems and bringing the company back to greatness again.

He created a new management model that used more modern methods, and after doing this, the company became successful again. Eventually, there were conflicts within the company that made it, so Edgard decided to leave the sugar factory business and go out on his own. This is how the beginnings of Bio Ritmo stated, once he was freed up to focus on what he really wanted to do on his own instead of doing only what the family wanted.

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