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World Wide Direct Marketing Company QNET Empowers and Employs Women

All around the world women are celebrated as part of International Women’s Day in March. But, QNET a global Direct Sales company, is proud of the fact that they celebrate women every single day. The company helps to empower and employ women by providing them with the flexibility that they need in order to take care of their busy family and day to day life will still earning a living and being independent. 

Women, while they have become an increasing large part of the workforce, still require flexible hours and a flexible schedule, something that Direct Sales company QNET provides. Women make up 74% of the direct selling business, a statistic that is parallel at this Hong Kong based company with subsidiaries around the globe, according to Khaled Diab, Regonial General Manager of QNET MENA. 

In addition to providing the flexible hours that women need and the ablity for women to move up in the company easily, QNET also provides a number of other benefits that help this growing Hong Kong based direct sales company appeal to and support women. The company sells a wide range of high quality products that are specifically aimed at and appeal to women. 

Some of the high quality products that QNET sells include high quality makeup, beauty products, and products designed with the health and well being of women in mind. Some of these products include the Physio Radiance Skin Care Range, Coloures make-up by Q-Net, and high end Swiss made watches. All of these products are designed with the input and needs of women in mind. 

To all #QNET ladies, Happy #InternationalWomensDay! Stay strong, stay gorgeous!

Posted by QNET (Official) on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

QNET is an Asian direct sales company that is headquartered in Hong Kong and has customers and employees in over 100 countries.

They have helped to pioneer direct sales in Asia using a proprietary e-commerce platform that helps sales people and customers connect. The company sells a wide range of life enhancing products to its customers and focuses on quality just as much as it does on quantity. They work hard to ensure that women are well represented in the company and they they get the support they deserve and need. 

In addition to their headquarters in Hong Kong they also have regional offices in 25 countries. You can find out more about the company and their support of women by following them on Facebook and Twitter or subscribing to their YouTube page.

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The Future of Women as Leaders in Corporate Compliance

For the past several years the business community has been dominated by men. But as the years have passed the women started joining in the business club. Among the notable women in the industry are the three Hall Capital women. Hall Capital CEO Kathryn Hall, Sarah Stein and Helane Morrison are the steering’s of the Hall Capital. Morrrison is the MD, GCand the chief compliance officer of Hall Capital. Helane Morrison is one of the women who has been an inspiration to many young women in the world. Helane Morrison joined Hall capital in 2007. She graduated from the University of California School of Law Berkeley when she received her JD. Before she became a big shot lawyer she was a journalist. This quality has helped her preach to the young women that the corporate world is fit for them as well.

Before she joined Hall Capital, she worked for the SEC where she was the regional director. Helane, over the years, has gained much experience that has been of aid in fostering change in the business world. Most women in the world are hungry for a position in the corporate sector. They look up to women like Helane Morrison for advice. Helane Morrison uses the opportunity to encourage girls never to give up.

With Hall Capital’s top women being a light Kathryn, Sarah and Morrison hope that the world will change the way women are viewed in the corporate world. According to an interview with Morrison in BizJournals, the business schools may be open in admitting the women, but when it comes to getting positions in the business community no fairness applies. Most women are seen as incompetent just because of their gender. Women like Helane try to convince the world the women can as well fit in as well as any other person.

It’s not every day that the corporate world gets leaders like Helane Morrison. Helane had to gain much work experience before she became the great example she is today. Gender diversity is a sensitive issue that many people don’t get into. Helane, Stein and Sarah hope that using the hall capital may help change this and be an example to other companies also to apply gender diversity. Even by not speaking anything, Helane being in the position she is already is an example to women to join the firm and the corporate world.