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The Huff Post Claims That Slyce Will Change Wedding Industry

Getting Your Wedding Registry Taken Care Of Without Worries

We are in the planning phase for our upcoming wedding. My wife is excited about the dress she will be wearing, and we have already secured all the venues. We have put a lot of effort into planning this. However, we just started working on the gift registry, and I was exploring the internet to look for different options on gift registries. There are a few applications out there that are made to help with registries. The Huffington Post also wrote an article about this subject, and they have some ideas of where technology is taking this industry. I thought the article was interesting, so I researched some of the companies mentioned, and I wanted to share what I found in this post.

The article from the Huffington Post claims to be written by a person who is recently married. They share their experiences in making gift registries a few years back. The writer claims that some of the scanners weren’t working, so they had trouble there. It seemed like a new technology that the retailer was using that wasn’t ready to be used yet. However, technology has evolved greatly since this experience. The new visual search technologies out there, as proposed by the article, have some bearing on making creating a gift registry a whole lot easier.

About Slyce

One of the most interesting finds from the Huffington Post article, for me, was about this company called Slyce. I researched the company after reading the article. The article briefly mentions that a company like Slyce could redefine the wedding gift registry industry, and after researching their company, I would tend to agree with what the article pointed out. Slyce seems like they are growing, and they have the capability to change this industry, for sure.

Slyce has gained a lot of recognition in the past few years as one of the leading brands of visual search recognition. Their application is constantly being updated, so the users will have a better working system to find the products that they want. Slyce makes online shopping a whole lot easier for consumers and retailers. It is easy to see what it could do for the wedding gift registry industry in the upcoming years ahead. Here’s the full article from the Huffington Post about the wedding industry for your perusal.