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How Waiakea Erupted Sales With Volcanic Water

It Came From Hawaii

The bottled water industry is often a controversial topic. The use of city water, the waste left over from plastic packaging, and other ways bottled water negatively impacts the environment. Ryan Emmons understand the concerns raised about bottled water when created his bottled water company Waiakea spring. He came up with a simple solution to the problem in his native Hawaii. The volcanic water he grew up drinking was something unique. The combination of minerals, electrolytes, and silica made the volcanic water smooth and silky to the tongue. Taking that water bringing it to the continental United States was a great decision.

Water With A Focus On Health

The advantage Waiakea water has over other brands is the nutrition of the water it bottles. Drinking Waiakea water is a great way to get calcium, magnesium, and other vitally need nutrients. There are also health benefits to drinking Waiakea you won’t get anywhere else thanks to the silica content of the water. Silica, a natural result of volcanic eruptions, is currently researched by scientists as a possible neuroprotectant against the brain disease Alzheimer’s. Silica is so effect it can decrease the odds of Alzheimer’s by 11%.

Thinking About The Environment

Waiakea doesn’t aim to simply make the most money possible. It aims to keep the environment in mind as well. 33% of all energy used at Waiakea bottling plants is renewable while the materials used to make the bottles are made of materials that reduce the energy costs of production by 85%. Creating a fully sustainable product was one of the goals of Waiakea’s production. Thanks to the ingenuity of Ryan Emmons that goal was achieved very easily.

The Success Story Of Waiakea

More amazing than the health benefits or environmentalist focus of Waiakea water is the way the almost overnight success of the brand. The brand has managed to maintain 170% sales increase every year with a 5000% increase happening over the course of 3 years. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

The success of this brand isn’t some fluke or flash in a pan. The effort Waiakea Water puts forward in reducing the company’s carbon footprint and the focus on the health benefits of volcanic water have propelled this brand to the top. In an industry seeing the sort of declines bottled water is seeing this isn’t something to take lightly.