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Careers in Law: Litigator Karl Heideck

Careers in Law: Litigator Karl HeideckWhen we picture a lawyer in our mind, the first image that usually pops up for most people is someone spending a lot of time in the courtroom wearing a suit and dealing with lawsuit after lawsuit after lawsuit. However, many don’t realize that litigation in itself is actually a very wide field which has a job description that can vary widely. Ultimately, litigators are lawyers that represent plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases, specifically. They also are responsible for managing all phases of the litigation process including: investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlement, and appeal.

Careers in Law: Litigator Karl HeideckOne of the best litigators today is Karl Heideck. Karl practices in the Greater Philadelphia region of the United States and specializes in both risk management and compliance practices. He also specializes in several different areas and has been for over 10 years in the following areas: employment law, legal writing, corporate law, product liability, commercial litigation, and legal research. Not only is Mr. Heideck highly reputable in his field, but also has experience and is skilled in the areas which he works in, and has education to back it up. He first originally pursued English and Literature at the Swarthmore College, and eventually graduated with honors after later joining the Tempe University Beasley School of Law.

Education is the first step for someone who wants to enter the legal field, as throughout their education they develop the necessary essential skills for things such as negotiation, dispute resolution, communication, settlement, and passing the state bar exam. While working as an attorney in Philadelphia, Karl Heideck gained an extensive amount of experience in civil cases, filing complaints on behalf of clients as well as responding to different complaints. Throughout this time, he gained hands-on experience of the complete litigation process, which is why he is one of the most sought out in his field. The litigation process experience in which he worked also included filing motions and responses for both defendants and appeals. In a lack for better words, Karl Heideck can best be summed up as taking legal action against people and organizations for clients, and also defends them if and when the law is brought against them.

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Dick Devos Philanthropic Work Provides Funding for the Performing Arts

The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts has in the recent past been able to surpass its crowdfunding goal of $110 million and exceeded it by $25.9 million thanks to significant, generous donors like Dick DeVos. However, the Center went against many peoples’ expectations and extended the campaign period and upped the target to $50 million. According to a press release, the available funds will be able to construct a riverfront pavilion, a pedestrian bridge, a dining place, better and bigger offices, rehearsal and educational offices which are of particular interest to the DeVos family.  Read the full article by visiting the following link:

Dick Devos is well known and respected business leader and businessman. He is also a firm believer that everyone should chip in to help the less privileged as much as possible. He has spent his entire business career working in different companies in different leadership roles. Currently, Dick is the President at Windquest Group. He has previously worked for brands like the DeVos family owned Amway as well. While at Amway, he was held very responsible for the company’s management in all aspects.

He also served in Orlando Magic as the Chief Executive Officer when it was acquired by his family. On top of that, Dick has also been involved in a lot of community initiatives and has started a many educational initiatives including a charitable foundation that has been able to award not less than 4,000 scholarships to children who need them.

DeVos is also a writer and has authored multiple pieces including his bestselling book called Rediscovering American Values and is a politician as well. In 2006, he was the Republican candidate for the Michigan Governor seat. In other leadership matters, Dick is not left behind. Follow his Twitter to see how he uses his voice to promote positive messages to his local community in Grand Rapids, MI or find him on Facebook to see his most recent business and philanthropic ventures. He is a two-time National Champion sailor, a graduate of Northwood University and a qualified aircraft and helicopter pilot. He can be used as a perfect example of an individual who wants the best for the society he lives in and goes ahead to make it happen.