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Trump Addresses China According To Kamil Idris

Kamil Idris does stand for the rights of people. For one thing, he believes that the world can progress as long as the rights of people are protected. He is also reporting on what is going on in politics. One of the most recent activities he has looked at is the actions of Trump that towards China. President Trump is currently bringing forth Tariffs against China. One thing that Trump has noticed is that China has been stealing IPs. The IPs and total theft of China is worth $50 billion according to Trump. One of the issues that Trump is addressing is the theft of intellectual property.



Kamil Idris is one of the people who are championing intellectual property protection. He is aware that the inventions of the intellectual are the inventions that bring humanity forward. He also realizes that with inventions come people that are going to steal the inventions. Therefore, he works hard in making sure that there are laws in place to protect the inventor. He understands that there is a lot of work that goes into an invention. Another challenge that he is aware of is the struggle to get a patent for the invention. The inventor has to use the right type of language in order to convince people to grant him the patent.


One thing about the actions of China is that it has caused many people to want to avoid doing business with Chinese companies or any company that is linked with China. They do not want to risk the theft of their intellectual property. One thing that is important is for people to protect their intellectual property. It does not matter what the nature of the intellectual creation is. Protection is necessary so that the intention of the property can be fulfilled as closely as possible.