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How Alex Hern Will Take Advantage of 5G

Alex Hern is the CEO of Tsunami VR. His technology company is ready to take advantage of the new 5G towers being built in different cities. 5G is faster and it improves latency of receiving and sending information. Alex Hern has created a software that would improve how offices around the business world will collaborate with each other. The software to improve collaboration in the office is called XR or Across Reality. XR will allow people to use almost any device such as a laptop or smartphone.

Alex Hern will have his XR software in a market that has seen companies like Google spend $1.4 billion for hardware created by a company called Magic Leap. Alex Hern has been able to move forward in an industry that allows XR technology seem more real. Technology that is finding its’ way into several different new software applications.

Expert Alex Hern understands XR technology is quite flexible and encompasses several different terms such as virtual reality or augmented reality. There is a lot of room for growth for XR technology because it can offer users the flexibility.


Jason Hope: Philanthropic Vision

Arizona is home to a number of prominent businessmen and entrepreneurs. One of the most significant individuals of the entrepreneurial class found in Arizona is Jason hope. He is a self-described futurist who has supported numerous research initiatives through his philanthropic endeavors. By awarding grants and donations to causes, he hopes to help support the development of a future in which human beings are able to live longer healthier happier lives.Jason Ho believes that entrepreneurs need to focus on one project at a time. As people first get into being an entrepreneur, there is a habit of jumping from one idea to another. By maintaining focus on one project at a time an individual is able to accomplish far more and far less time.

Jason hope has a clear understanding of technology and the implications that they have on the world as a whole. With this understanding hope thinks that the Internet of things is going to become one of the most significant aspects of modern society in the future as more and more devices are becoming interconnected. He advises businesses to take advantage of the clear benefit that these technologies have in order to help propel their growth towards the future.Jason hope is a native to the state of Arizona. He went to Arizona State University and graduated with a degree in finance before going to graduate school at the same university and graduating with a Masters in business administration.

Today he is most well-known for his support of anti-aging research initiative the SENS foundation. Over the last decade, he has donated $500,000 to help support the foundation. These funds were used to build a new life story at Cambridge. This laboratory helped innovate new ways to break down advanced glycation end products. These molecules build up in human tissues over time and cause the progressive decline in the elasticity of human skin and blood vessels. This is just one treatment being developed by the foundation and a host of new regenerative medical technologies. Jason hope supports this organization because he believes that the traditional medicine system has it wrong. Instead of focusing on the prevention of age-related decline until now traditional medicine has simply focused on the treatment of symptoms as they occur. By supporting research that aims to prevent these all together, Jason Ho believes that human beings cannot only lead longer lives but have significantly enhanced quality of life.

Eric Pulier Has Been a Savior for Businesses

Eric Pulier has been a savior for businesses because of the enterprise technology that he created for business people like me. The businesses like ours that are using enterprise technology have a way to connect their cell phones to other kinds of technology with ease. Everything that people are trying to get from their business can be done through cell phones, and we kept upgrading with him as long as we could. We knew that Eric Pulier was going to keep this up, and then we wanted to stick with him as he adapted to the smartphone market. We knew that we had a lot of choices for this kind of technology, and this is why we are working with him even to this day.

We have chosen to keep up with him because we know that he is the best person to help us with these kinds of things. Everything that we are trying to do hinges on the work we do through enterprise technology, and he is making sure that he can help people by working with the X Prize committee. The X Prize is a place where people bring their technology forward, and it makes sense for people to get input from Eric Pulier.

He has been a shining light in the technology industry because of the enterprise technology that he created. He was helping us to make sure that the business was running better, and he created a situation where we felt like we were doing the right thing by upgrading. There are so many options when working with a person like Eric Pulier, and we want to keep up our options as much as possible. We are still working with his enterprise technology, and he is out helping other people who need input on technology.

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Freedom Pop Offers The Best Deal On Phones Over The Biggest Shopping Weekend Of The Year

According to RCRWireless FreedomPop which has been around for three years now and intends to reach the seven figure customer mark by the end of the year, recently offered an enormous deal on phones during the Thanksgiving holiday shopping extravaganza. Anyone who was able to take advantage of this promotion which lasted through November 27th got a first class deal. They were offering a Smart phone by Motorola for $190 off the original price, which meant customers had the opportunity to purchase a smartphone for a whopping $40 and they even threw in a free month of service which came with both calling and texting, unlimited on both, so no need to track those call, as well as one gigabyte of data.

If Motorola was not what the customer wanted they could instead go with a Galaxy S4 Smartphone and that they discounted by $350 so the cost was $100 per phone. This phone also came with the same calling package which was free for the first month. If the customer decided to continue service they would receive 500 minutes of talk, 500 text messages and 500 Megabytes of data. The company is also looking to offer a WiFi Model next year at some point.

FreedomPop is looking at going from a wholesale strategy to a commercial strategy over time. At this point Intel Capital is considered to be one of their major financial supporters. Currently the company uses the Sprint Network but that maybe changing at some point in the future. During the past summer FreedomPop received funding from DCM, Partech and Mangrove in the amount of 30 Million dollars.

FreedomPop has had plenty of opportunity to sell but according to CEO Stephen Stokol, the timing was not right but there is a chance for it in the future. He left it at in the next 1 -2 years anything is possible with selling but there is a need to see further growth.

Shaygan Kheradpir Taking Over as CEO for Coriant

In order to survive and thrive as a strong company, it is necessary to have a CEO who understands how the industry works and who has the education and work experience to propel the business to the top. That is exactly what Shaygan Kheradpir brings to Coriant as the newly hired CEO of the company. He has the experience and background to prove successful in almost any field, but he decided to work with Coriant in order to provide the company with a business professional who has seen just about every angle of corporate functionality.

Shaygan Kheradpir is originally from London but moved to Iran with his father. As a successful ear, nose and throat doctor, his father gave him the financial stability to study college in the United States and eventually receive not only his undergrad, but his Master’s and Ph.D. from Cornell University. Following his upper end education, Shaygan Kheradpir went on to work with GTE in 1987. He stayed with the company until it merged with Bell Atlantic 13 years later in 2000. Upon the creation of the merger the company became what is now known as Verizon Communications. He initially worked with the diversification department in order to create different services in the telecommunications field, eventually receiving the tittle of CIO/CTO.

While with Verizon, he helped create the beginning of the company’s FiOS service, which is now a fiber optics Internet service found in pockets around the United States. He also helped create the first DVR for the company as well. All of this brought a considerable amount of attention to Shaygan Kheradpir and made him an attractive board member for other companies. Barclays eventually went on to pick up Shaygan Kheradpir in 2011 and made him their COO for the Global Retail and Business Bank department. He helped created different customer products including the mobile payment software from the company known as Pingit. While with Barclays he went on to become the COO and the CTO. Three years later he moved on to Juniper Networks to become the CEO of the company and eventually moved on from there to become the CEO of Coriant.

Coriant has started to push the company forward and has helped the company thrive as a business in the private equity field. This way, the company has proven to be financially responsible and has grown its assets since Shaygan Kheradpir took over.