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Cone Marshall: An International Trust Law Firm That Can Be Trusted

When thinking of New Zealand law firms, only a few names come to mind. One of the names that soar high above the rest is the Cone Marshall Real Estate and Tax Law Firm.


Founded by Karen Marshall and Geoffrey Cone in the year of 1999 specializing and practicing international tax and trusts law. Cone Marshall works with international groups and families, as well as their financial advisers to aid them in developing their trusts in New Zealand. They also help establish partnerships and companies as well as providing worldwide wealth and tax planning guidance. They are known to be one of the most trusting law firms globally.


Karen Marshall began working in London, England for ten years in the Commercial Litigation department of a law firm. She has been a principal at Cone Marshall since 2006 and works as statutory trustee company adviser. Marshall also has a wide range of experience managing trusts.


Geoffrey Cone has been mentioned at the Quintessential Tax Lawyer in a 2016 article that emphasizes and provides a Law Firm and Experts Directory. Since the year of 1980, Cone has served a trustee in trust management services as well as primary providing international trust and tax planning.


With social media rumors swirling that New Zealand was a tax paradise with a very private banking industry. Cone dismissed this rumor and proved that New Zealand is a chartered member of the 2002 Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development. He reiterated and emphasized how important the morals and standards of this organization


Cone also mentioned that New Zealand had seen a skyrocket of foreign trusts. The reasoning behind this increase is due to the strong growth of foreign and the tax laws of New Zealand being considered safe. They are also described as safe and stable with a high quality jurisdiction. Cone claims that the New Zealand trust laws make it a safe place to mount your asses and brings a positive light to New Zealand’s overall worldwide reputation.


Cone Marshall stands by the highest morals and principles of trust within the tax transparency and will always assure their clients are awarded the most thorough and trusted advice within the international tax and trust laws.


Cone Marshall Law Firm is located in the Auckland area. You can find their offices in the Parnell House, Level 3, Auckland 1151 in New Zealand. You can contact them by website or telephone number.