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Building a Better Shark

White Shark Media started from the ground up, and has used their customer experiences — both good and bad — to improve the services they offer their clients. While they have received numerous compliments on their internationally recognized marketing work, they have also received their share of customer complaints. The once small company has used both to improve the quality of their services.

While it may be unusual to focus on the complaints a company has received throughout its history, White Shark Media feels it is important to let clients and potential customers know that they are not only being heard, but that their concerns are being addressed, not dismissed.

Search Engine Management and Marketing is a vast and difficult field to navigate. It is not unusual for customers to feel lost in what is going on, and White Shark Media figured that out early in the game. Now, every client is explained the ins and outs of the process at the start, so that they not only understand what is happening, but are better equipped to contribute.

Some of the primary complaints clients voiced since the company’s founding in 2011 concerned better, and clearer, communications. To facilitate this, White Shark Media has implemented a host of strategies and approaches that make the process more transparent.

Teaming-up with Google AdWords has allowed them to provide even more information clients feel they need regarding their AdWords accounts and performance.

Each SEM consultant works under a supervisor who oversees no more than five employees, and this supervisor follows the client through the lifetime of his partnership with the firm. SEM strategists also have a direct line, so customers can reach the person most in-touch with their business’ needs.

As many of their clients were receiving inquiries by phone, White Shark Media also teamed-up with Marchex to provide call tracking. While this started in response to a particular set of customers, it became so integral to their business model that it is now a standard feature, offered freely to all clients.

White Shark Media is one of a handful of marketing firms backed exclusively by both Google and Microsoft (Bing), and has been in business for five years. They do not offer SEO services, but can assist in helping you determine which firm best suits your needs.

White Shark Media has learned that while compliments sooth the ego, constructive criticism builds a better business.

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