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Securus Technologies Implementing New Technologies

One of the great tragedies of being in prison is lacking relational contacts with helpful friends and family on the outside. It is essential that some way be established for that emotional link to remain in place. Securus Technologies is a prison phone company that strives to do just that. With their innovative and safety oriented phone systems, Securus is leading the way in helping prisoners remain connected with their families.

Another recent innovation that Securus has done is adding in an automated complaint form to their communication system. This complaint form empowers prisoners to share their frustrations with staff, without having to fill out a lengthy and time consuming paper. “Securus is committed to continuously providing new technology and features for our customers,” emphasized Russell Roberts, a Vice President at Securus. An Illinois prison official responded on the wonderful efficiency this new Securus technology provided for them. “The ConnectUs Inmate Forms and Grievance application was the easiest to implement; our nurses love it; everyone loves it. We will save thousands of dollars on paper costs alone,” observed Chief Kolitwenzew. Data reports that 65% of corrections staff time is now saved as compared to the older paper forms.

Securus is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and they serve over 1 million inmates across North America.

Securus Releases Damning Information Regarding Competitor Global Tel Link

The Louisiana Public Service Commission’s investigation into the wrongdoings perpetrated by inmate communications provider Global Tel Link (GTL) has uncovered a number of troubling findings.

Global Tel Link has been the main contractor with the Louisiana Department of Corrections. Over the last 15 years, the LPSC has received thousands of complaints regarding GTL’s fraud, security breaches and lack of quality service.

In an effort to embarrass GTL into providing customers the service that they have paid for, its competitor, Dallas based Securus Technologies, is releasing a number of damning findings. Every week, Securus will release the articles, according to CEO Rick Smith. “Our job is to provide service to people who not by any means rich,” said Smith. “Fraud and abuse puts a stain on our industry, and that is something we can ill afford.”

Customers have reported multiple abuse including the illegal padding of calls, advancement of clocks to show false pay readings, double billing of calls, inept customer service to address issues and the unlawful overcharging of pay caps already put in place by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

These findings are as problematic as they are insidious,” said a LPSC representative.

The actions of GTL are widely regarded as wrong, and many feel that they should receive stiff penalties for the lack of regard for preying on the poorest population in America.