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Norman Pattiz Teams Up With Edison Research To Test Efficiency Of Advertisements On Its Listeners

Norman Pattiz is a man who has quite a big impact on the radio. He is known as one of the most prominent people in this kind of medium, being the founder of one of the most major radio networks in the entire country. But because of the decline of the radio in recent times, Norman had to come up with a new plan of action which would sync up better with the kind of digital era that we live in.

He, therefore, founded PodcastOne, which is one of the country’s first advertising driven podcast networks. The network has grown tremendously since its inception, even becoming as big as Norman’s original radio network.

According to Crunchbase, one of the main selling points of PodcastOne was that Norman Pattiz wanted to make this as close to the radio as possible. In a way, he wanted to stand out from other podcast networks and give his audience something that was worth looking forward to.

With the help of numerous media giants and celebrities, Norman curated PodcastOne in a way that it would offer listeners some of the most diverse range of shows that they can’t get on any podcast network. To make the network more and more like the radio, he also tied up with numerous news agencies to give the listeners of PodcastOne real-time news updates.

One of the main things that set apart PodcastOne from other podcasts is the fact that also serves as an advertisement space where brands can showcase their products. Within a few months of its inception, PodcastOne had already roped in big sponsors, whose radio or podcast jingles and ads were being aired in between shows.

Being in the business for as long as he has, Norman knows that market research is an essential part of the company’s growth process. Therefore, he recently teamed up with Edison Research to test the efficiency of the ads that were being aired on the network. The research was conducted based on the response rate of customers to the brands that were being advertised for on PodcastOne.

By implementing the findings of the market research that was done, PodcastOne aims to bring more brands in that would benefit from the consumer base that PodcastOne has to offer. This also helps to understand the trends that affect this medium of advertising and test the efficiency of this kind of ads on an all audio medium.