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The Reputation Doctor Lands a New Job

Mike Paul, known as the Reputation Doctor, has been recently brought on to the advisory board of Status Labs. His years of experience in the industry makes him a valuable addition to the board and Status Labs’ president, Darius Fisher, feels very confident with the move. Paul’s skill set and significant experience in the industry is unmatched and is very well documented with his prestigious resume. He’s counseled and worked with organizations/companies such as Goldman Sachs, Pfizer and Kraft Foods just to name a few.

Status Labs is the perfect environment for Mike Paul due to the nature of its business. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Status Labs specializes in online reputation and public relations which are two key facets of a company’s image and success. It’s harder to build a reputation than it is to lose it and Status Labs understands this. They help companies maintain and build their public image in a world where it can easily be destroyed by just one wrong move.

Status Labs offers several different services such as social media management and marketing, public relations crisis management, media training and even website development. They are a number one stop for companies that are looking to expand their reach and impact in a positive way using the power of the Internet and its vast reach. Status Labs emphasizes the importance of taking preventive measures and offers free tips such as removing personal information from online and changing passwords frequently.

Mike Paul looks to continue the success of Status Labs by serving the advisory board with his knowledgeable counsel. He feels that Status Labs is primed for growth on a global scale during the year of 2016 and beyond and praises current CEO Darius Fisher as a rising star in his profession. Online reputation is more important now more than ever and Status Labs works to protect it. With its recent addition of Mike Paul, the company looks to continue its outreach and presence moving forward.