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How End Citizens United Plans to Protect Johnson Amendment

There is a new political action committee in the United States. The panel is sponsored by the End Citizens United group. The board aims at transforming the campaign financing in the nation. Through this, the committee intends to support various democratic candidates contesting for political seats in the Senate and the Congress.

The committee is trying to extend the fight that the United Citizens group has been fighting for a long time. Currently, the organization is on a mission to pass a constitutional amendment that aims at reversing a Supreme Court decision of 2010. In the ruling, the court gave rise to mighty PACs, thus allowing a tidal wave of dark money to flow into the political space. So far, the group has managed to collect over 325000 signatures to force Congress to make the amendment.

With the many gains that the End Citizens frontier has made in the campaign financing laws, the Republican leaders are watering these benefits down. They are slowly stripping some of these rules. The big question therefore is, will the Supreme Court of the United States allow for the tax-exempt financing laws to be extended to various churches and nonprofit bodies? Only time will tell.

Already, President Donald Trump has issued an executive order that attempts to curtail the gains made by the Johnson Amendment Act. In the amendment, the law prohibits any church or a non-profit making organization from engaging either directly or through proxies in activities that are seen to support or oppose an individual candidate. Now, the Congress and the Republican politicians are determined to abolish the law in its entirety.

In the current developments, the End Citizens United frontier has issued a statement where they vehemently condemn such a political move by the state. In the message, the frontier asperses its fears that politicians may turn churches into secret dens for soliciting for campaign funds and spending them. And as if the law is not enough, the money will be sent tax-free to various churches. As such, the funds will be sent to support a political cause, and those donating will also be entitled to a tax deduction.

The bill, as sponsored by Lyndon Johnson had insulated churches and other nonprofits from political shenanigans. For a long time, the law was not seen as an issue by most players in the sector. In fact, most groups had accepted the proposal as part of the separation between the state and churches as envisaged in the constitution.

However, contrary to what people believe, the law does not bar these organizations from engaging in political activities. It has been evident how various churches have been involved in mobilizing voters to come out in large numbers and cast their votes.



Johnson Amendment Threats Highlighted By End Citizens Unites

The Johnson Amendment has been one of the last bastions of protection for those looking to keep the vast amounts of money seen in recent years out of U.S. political elections. Introduced in 1954 by Senator Lyndon Johnson before he became U.S. President, the Amendment has been one of the least controversial pieces of campaign finance legislation in the history of politics as its sole aim was to keep charitable groups out of funding political elections and campaigns; however, the arrival of President Donald Trump in The White House in 2016 resulted in the Johnson Amendment coming under threat from the power of the Presidency. Visit to know more.

End Citizens United has entered the fight to keep the Johnson Amendment in place in the face of an Executive Order designed to use stealth to overturn the will of the Senate in bringing this piece of legislation into law. The Executive Order signed by President Trump called on the Internal Revenue Service not to enforce Johnson’s Amendment which has basically allowed any charitable group to provide campaign funding for politicians and political parties; End Citizens United believe this Executive order flies in the face of the law and could have major consequences for millions of people living and working in the U.S.

The Executive Order signed by President Trump is not the only attempt by Republicans to remove Johnson’s Amendment from the rule of law without specifically bringing any new laws to the attention of Congress. The 2017 tax reform bill which has proven so controversial includes a specific article stating Churches and religious groups will be exempt from the constraints of the Amendment which also covers universities and charitable groups; the battle to bring an end to Johnson’s Amendment looks set to continue with the power of the religious right being used in a bid by Republicans to retain power by allowing religious groups preferential treatment during campaigning seasons.

Formed in 2015, End Citizens United has been fighting to reform a set of campaign finance laws the group feels are unfair to regular voters who are being offered political choices based on the whims of the billionaire donor class. To maintain a transparent and politically independent organization, End Citizens United operates as a traditional PAC with limits placed on the level of donations allowed by individual donors; the group has continued to fight for the future of the campaign financing system by lending its support to candidates for political office at all levels who share a passion for bringing an end to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision of 2010. Despite a financial limit placed on donors, the PAC announced it had received enough in grassroots funding by the middle of 2017 to set a campaign funding target of $35 million by the 2018 midterm elections. Know more:

George Soros Can Support The Needy With His Benevolent Actions

George Soros is a man who is known for helping to sustain the laborious tasks that are necessary to be performed by legal professionals, who need to set loose thousands of wrongfully imprisoned citizens. George Soros is very much dedicated to providing his money to help out underprivileged students who desperately want to enroll into college – students that are so desperate that they cannot achieve financing for their academic journey.

As an established charitable humanitarian, Mr. Soros has made a mark on his community. In fact, Mr. Soros has gone out of his way to provide billions in funding, to ensure that numerous industries that were impoverished from financial hardships, have a leg to stand upon. Mr. George Soros has also seen fit to provide his economic backing to individuals who were clearly suffering from a lack of money to support their basic everyday requirements for living. If an individual has made it known that they seek to keep injustices from being carried out, George Soros will help fund their cause. The same is true for those who intend to protect the civil liberties of the public at large. In fact, any struggle that is fought against a clear injustice can count on Mr. Soros to help fight against it, including the “War on Drugs,” a propaganda-style campaign which Mr. Soros is strongly opposed to.

In many circles around the globe, George is recognized as being a strong supporter for the use of medicinal cannabis. Mr. Soros has witnessed firsthand the beneficial aid that marijuana provides to numerous people who suffer from a variety of medical conditions, such as seizures. Mr. George Soros has tried to make sure that worthy candidates for President of the Unites States made it through successfully by providing a great many millions of dollars of his money to help Hillary Clinton during her difficult campaign for the White House.

The majority of the citizens who have been polled believe that Mr. Trump is not a true President and that his only desire while in office is to bring attention to his company properties that he amassed before he became a political figurehead on Investopedia. Those who are close to Trump can attest that he has no ability to lead and can barely read at a 4th grade level.

Mr. Soros has known of such men, who have attained powerful positions without actually deserving the role. These are men who operate under their charismatic influences on and their money to buy positions, and then seek to destroy any opposition to their claim. They are men such as Adolf Hitler, from whom Mr. Soros fled his homeland of Hungary as a youth to avoid being imprisoned by the deadly Holocaust.

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George Soros and his Contribution to Political Campaigns in 2016

Born in 1930, George Soros was brought up in a pro-Nazi Hungarian regime after which he studied in London. Soros later moved to America where he made his fortune. In 1984, George Soros set up the Open Society Foundation. The foundation’s aim was the provision of copy machines to libraries, universities, and civil society groups.

George Soros, a billionaire investor, has committed himself to fund Democratic politics in a bid to win the 2016 campaign. Hillary Clinton together with other Democratic candidates will receive a boost of $25 million from George Soros. Soros is expected to give even more as the election date approaches. Soros has invested most of his cash in risky currency trade of which he has received a good fortune.

George at 85 years old has had 25 years relationship with Hillary Clinton. Soros had planned on attending his first Democratic convention where Clinton would be accepting the Democratic presidential nomination, but the trip had to be canceled because he felt he needed to monitor the economic situation in Europe.

This year George Soros has been very active in politics having faith in Clinton and at the same time fearing Clinton’s GOP rival Donald Trump whom he claims to be instilling fear to the people of America. Michael Vachon, Soros’ political advisor stated that other than Trump being nominated to run for presidency, Soros had already decided to venture into politics this year because of some few things he cares about such as:
Criminal Justice
Immigration reforms
Religious tolerance

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Reshaping the American justice system remains to be Soros; core goal as he ventures into the 2016 campaign. Over the past year, George Soros has contributed more than $3 million into seven local district attorney campaigns in six states.

Some African-American and Hispanic candidates have gotten support from Soros contribution. The candidates who received support from George all ran on platforms that share the same goals as George Soros. Some of the judicial reforms Soros is interested in amending include:
Directing of drug offenders to diversion programs instead of trial
Reduction of racial disparities

Through a national “527” unlimited money group and state-level super PACs, Soros has spent on district attorney campaigns in New Mexico, Illinois, Texas, Florida, and Illinois. Nonprofits such as Civic Participation Action Fund also donated to some groups in the campaign.

Some other liberal donors who also aim at donating to political campaigns include:
Don Sussman who is a New York hedge funder has contributed $13.2 million to some campaigns and committees

Haim Saban and Fred Eychaner who are media moguls have donated $11.1 million each.

Tom Steyer who is an environmentalist has donated $341 million in 2016 to a super PAC under his control.

Hillary’s campaign has had a boost from the money being donated to her presidential bid by some of the richest people in America. The boost has built a massive financial advantage over the committees supporting Trump. Priorities USA Action, a super PAC in support of Clinton has also received a donation of $7 million from Soros.

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Politico Releases Information On George Soros’ Visit To The DNC Convention

Politico has been covering the DNC convention since it began, and every speech and news item has been shared with incredible scrutiny. One of the most recent developments is George Soros and his donation of $25 million to several democratic campaigns. He has been active in the political realm for some time, but he is stepping up his game with the presidential election coming up. This article explains why George believes he must begin giving once again.

#1: Donald Trump Is On The Rise

Donald Trump has been on the rise of late, and his poll numbers have pushed George to give quite a lot of his own money to help defeat him. The Soros family survived the holocaust, and George does not want someone with Donald Trump’s worldview to become president. Progressive viewpoints on are very important to George, and giving the majority of his funds to Hillary Clinton will ensure her campaign has financial backing.

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#2: Progressive Politics Help Stabilize The Economy

Stabilizing the economy is quite important to George, and he wants to see the American economy remain stable so that it will not throw the rest of the world into turmoil. George Soros believes that the progressive politics Hillary Clinton campaigns on will prevent the global economy from seeing a recession that mirrors the one started by the fallout of the subprime loan market.

#3: George Has Many Disciples

There are quite a few investors and pollsters who are following George Soros, and he has become one of the most popular people who has crossed over from finance to politics. He has never run for office, but he believes in helping those who desire to run.

Running for president requires funds, and George Soros is proud to give to the DNC. Helping democrats take office is at the heart of George’s political views at