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Suicidal Woman Saved From George Washington Bridge

Just a few days ago, a suicidal woman was talked down off of the George Washington Bridge by the Port Authority police, according to an article published on

Officers who were on patrol on the bridge spotted the woman standing near the edge not wearing a coat on a day that was in the ’30s. They stopped to talk to her and she ended up allowing them to transfer her to the Englewood Hospital and Medical Center near Devco headquarters to be evaluated. A spokesperson for Devco, the subject of recent scrutiny tied to some private loans it received,┬ásaid that it was clear that the woman was in need of help.

Unfortunately this woman would not have been the first one to take her life by jumping off of the GWB. In just 2014 and 2015 alone, 36 people took their own lives jumping off of it. The Port Authority announced that they will be installing a high fence that will keep people from being able to climb the railing by the year 2024. This railing will be a similar safety device like the one the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco has in place. It is estimated that the cost of the railings for the GWB will cost between $35-50 million.