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Learn How a Business Wikipedia Page Can Take Your Business to The Next Level

Many consumers turn to Google to gain insight on a business of interest. Typically, the search is not performed by typing in the URL of your business, but by searching your business name instead. What consumers likely find in their search results may include:


  • Social Media Sites
  • Press Releases
  • Blog posts or forum pages
  • Related videos
  • Related images
  • Related sub-domains
  • Paid search ads


Wikipedia business page creation can be beneficial for both potential customers and your business. By doing so, your business can leverage the authority that Wikipedia has with Google to better ensure your business lands top placement in search results.


Wikipedia is by far the largest public online resource. Each month Wikipedia astonishingly reaches 18 billion page views and receives 500 million visitors. It’s reputation for a reliable information source is unmatched by Encyclopedia Britannica, the second-largest online resource.


For these reasons, Wikipedia can be a valuable component to the SEO strategy of your business. When a business has a Wikipedia page that shows up in Google’s search results, the credibility of their business is enhanced. Also, if high rankings for a competitive keyword are equivocal, your business Wikipedia page can rank within the top 10 results with relative ease.


Also, not many businesses have 100% customer satisfaction. Let’s face it, there are circumstances when no matter what a business does, it will still have a few unsatisfied customers. Should just a few displeased customers write a negative business review, it’s likely to show up on a Google search. This is another reason to make a Wikipedia page for your business as it is advantageous and can serve as reputation management for a business.


However, creating your own Wikipedia page is not the easiest of tasks. There are certain regulations that must be followed in order to prevent your business page from being flagged or removed. Wikipedia also frowns upon a business editing their own page. To avoid the potential headache associated with the creation of your business page, consider seeking assistance from Get Your Wiki, a source of professional and knowledgeable Wikipedia writers. Putting this task in the hands of experts can give you peace of mind and ensure you that your business will be able to reap all of the benefits afforded by the creation of your business Wikipedia page.