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How Skout Transformed Itself From A Travellers To A Dating App

Nowadays, there are different amazing applications and platforms that take care of people who want to connect with others. Skout is a tool that was originally created for the sake of tourists who feel the need to connect with others from different places. Since the beginning, Skout has continued to use its network as a direct route to local and international users who want to expand their social circle.

The platform has changed a lot since it was created. Since it introduced its travel feature, it has been able to attract more users because the feature allows them to take virtual journeys being assisted by their friends from the other end. Statistically speaking, more than 10 million members have used the feature for better accuracy in their networking.

The best thing with the feature is the fact that it has allowed users make use of the virtual trips and convert them into real trips that are in many instances toured with those they met through Skout.

Skout is compatible with iOS devices and is available in several languages. Skout has also undergone a rather paradigm shift to become one of the most popular dating apps today. This is contributed mostly by the fact that it is easy to use, comes accompanied by fascinating and intriguing features that have made it very popular among young adults. Simply put, Skout allows members to meet others and exchange pictures and other light files. Users are also given the freedom to customize their experience by only displaying users they are interested in.

The main screen shows people who are online at the time and by simply tapping a picture, it brings out information about the profile including the last few posts, basic information as well as the number of points they have been able to accumulate. When a user opens a drawer on the left side, a number of alternative means to browse the networks are displayed. The app also comes accompanied by other intriguing features like the ‘Shake to Chat’ feature that displays all users that are online and shaking their phones at the same time.

Different with other similar platforms, many activities on Skout require points so as to be performed. Points can easily be purchased by engaging with advertising platforms and enticing people to buy points so as to be able to view private photos. Other ways that users gain points is when their profiles are checked out and when they send gifts to other people. There is also the wink bomb that allows users to send multiple winks to other users so as to gain more attention.

The app is reasonably put together and very easy to use. It also made history by being among the very first social apps to block the exchange of bathroom and nude photos. This was because the app is very popular even to teenagers and for the sake of their morals, such photos are not allowed. Skout has and will continue making things easier when matters related to socializing and even dating are concerned.