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EOS Comes Full Circle As A Company

EOS lip balm was not an overnight success, but with how fast the brand rose to success it was pretty close. Evolution of Smooth was a brand developed by Sanjiv Mehra, Jonathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky. The three who initiated and teamed up to form EOS had collective strong backgrounds in packaged goods brands and start ups. This background formed the perfect trifecta to develop the lip balms who’s packaging is a main part of their glory.

In an interview by FastCompany, Mehra and Teller hold on to the brand as Dubitsky left to explore other start up ventures in oral care. What they saw for this start up was a niche in the market where fun and friendly chapstick with organic ingredients was missing. Of course ULTA available Burt’s Bees was on the market as a flavored and natural brand, but they knew something was missing with packaging. Some focus groups and inquiries went out to lip balm users and the feed back they received was overwhelmingly female. The females saw balms as a daily use part of their beauty routines and were sick of sticking their fingers into messy balms for application and were tired of tubes being lost in their purses.

The orb shaped packages (see: that encapsulates the EOS balms are a sure success because of their ease of use. They fit nicely in the palm and are easy to grasp, they are easy to untwist and close, the bright colors are attractive and pretty, and the product inside is just as nice. The organic formulations are always changing as the brand brings out new flavors and scents each season. Some of their limited edition products have even developed cult like status. We’re sure to see more of this as the brand plans to expand and widen their product offering.