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No Ordinary Drinking Water

In the most beautiful places on earth an equally amazing bottled water company was born. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was forged in 2012 by a 22 year old named Ryan Emmons. He started it with his college buddy Matt Meyer, but soon after he moved onto other ventures.

He still serves as a board member for the Waiakea water company. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

Rain and snowfall from Muana Loa volcano filters through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. Emmons was lucky enough to rent a well that will provide this volcanic water for the next 99 years. It takes only 30 days to regenerate.

That’s 1.4 billion gallons a day! Now you are probably thinking what about all the waste those pesky water bottles are going to create. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water uses only 100% recycled water bottles.

That means no extra waste. Plus, it takes 85% less energy to make these water bottles.

This amazing Waiakea springs water is even healthy! It is alkaline and electrolyte rich and contains such mineral as potassium, magnesium, and calcium. This is good for skin, hair, and nails, but also helps with acid reflux and fights osteoporosis. Who knew water could do that?

Forbes said that Waiakea Water’s slogan is “Drink healthy, drink sustainably, drink ethically.” The third part of this trifecta of goodness is the ethical part. What do they give back to help those who are less fortunate? Well, for every water bottle purchased they donate 650ML of clean water to disadvantaged communities around the world.

Waiakea Water has partnered up with their charity partner PumpAid and have successfully donated over 500 million liters of clean drinking water to rural and disadvantaged communities in Africa. Now that’s a lot of water!

The fact that people don’t have clean drinking water is something that most developed countries take for granted. A delicious and refreshing water that does good to humanity and helps the planet is an obviously easy decision. More people should use their dollar wisely and support businesses like Waiakea Water.