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FreedomPop Users Can Now Choose What Kind Of Phone Service They Use

Taking the time necessary to read a FreedomPop review can give any person a lot of information that pertains to FreedomPop and their services. The major service that FreedomPop provides is cell phone service, which now is available for both kinds of phones, the ones that take a sim card and ones that don’t take us in card. A CDMA phone is a phone that requires no sim card to be activated and is activated through the use of the numbers in the back the phone. A GSM phone requires a sim card that has its own numbers to be activated and inserted into the phone to work.

The GSM phones are far more popular than the CDMA phones because they are used in most countries around the world. Those that have chosen to get a GSM phone can get the 3-in-1 sim card from FreedomPop to get started with their service by purchasing the sim card online. Purchasing the sim card can be done by finding it on any of the websites that are selling it, and the price is usually around $4.99. It’s possible for the price of the sim card to go lower or higher than $4.99.

Once the sim card is in the possession of the new customer, a plan should be chosen, and the sim card will be usable in any GSM phone that’s unlocked. Almost any cell phone that’s unlocked and has newer technology can work with FreedomPop, such as most iPhones as well as most Samsung Galaxy’s. Google phones, LG phones and more can also work with FreedomPop’s service as long as the phone has been unlocked properly by network unlocking it. There are different plans that FreedomPop offers to those who want the GSM service.

The GSM service will allow for the same plans as a CDMA phone, which is the free service or the unlimited service. It’s always recommended that a buyer get the unlimited service because it has unlimited talk and text as well as 1 GB of data. Those who obtain the sim card for the first time can possibly get their first month of service for free, which is the unlimited service with the 1 GB of data. Before the next month of service starts, the user of the sim card can drop down to the free service from FreedomPop if they choose to.

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Try The Amazing New FreedomPop International Sim Card

Most people don’t stay home anymore and want to travel at one point or another. Many people will travel outside of the country, so how do these people make phone calls when they leave their homeland? Some will pay extremely high roaming charges to their wireless carrier to make phone calls, but those who are with FreedomPop don’t have to worry about all those fees when they travel out of the country. In a FreedomPop review, it shows that an international sim card is great for those who have traveling to do in different countries but don’t want to pay the high roaming charges other wireless carriers charge.

The international sim can be purchased for just a couple of dollars online and can be delivered to one’s home to be used with any smartphone. Once the sim card is activated and put in a phone, it will automatically go from one cell phone carrier to the next when a person is traveling to a different country that supports the international sim. Currently, 25 countries are supporting this sim card, including the UK, the US, Spain, Denmark and more. With additional countries joining this list, there will soon be at least 40 countries that support the international sim card calling plan.

Using the sim card means that no additional roaming charges will be added to the persons regular service plan, which can be expensive if they were to use any other wireless carrier. In the past, many cell phone service providers would charge as much as $5-$10 for a single minute of talk time to a different country, and these charges can easily wrack up to a monumental bill. Those using the FreedomPop international sim card will enjoy the clear call quality as well as the free calls when they travel to different countries.

Currently, the UK and US residents can purchase this international sim card to use it when they travel to different countries. Latin countries will soon be added to the calling list, but currently, most of the countries that can support the international sim card are in Europe. Those who really want to save money but still want to call home when they go traveling abroad will find this sim card very useful, especially since the service price is very reasonable and won’t cost anything extra when it’s being used overseas to make phone calls.

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Freedom Pop Offers The Best Deal On Phones Over The Biggest Shopping Weekend Of The Year

According to RCRWireless FreedomPop which has been around for three years now and intends to reach the seven figure customer mark by the end of the year, recently offered an enormous deal on phones during the Thanksgiving holiday shopping extravaganza. Anyone who was able to take advantage of this promotion which lasted through November 27th got a first class deal. They were offering a Smart phone by Motorola for $190 off the original price, which meant customers had the opportunity to purchase a smartphone for a whopping $40 and they even threw in a free month of service which came with both calling and texting, unlimited on both, so no need to track those call, as well as one gigabyte of data.

If Motorola was not what the customer wanted they could instead go with a Galaxy S4 Smartphone and that they discounted by $350 so the cost was $100 per phone. This phone also came with the same calling package which was free for the first month. If the customer decided to continue service they would receive 500 minutes of talk, 500 text messages and 500 Megabytes of data. The company is also looking to offer a WiFi Model next year at some point.

FreedomPop is looking at going from a wholesale strategy to a commercial strategy over time. At this point Intel Capital is considered to be one of their major financial supporters. Currently the company uses the Sprint Network but that maybe changing at some point in the future. During the past summer FreedomPop received funding from DCM, Partech and Mangrove in the amount of 30 Million dollars.

FreedomPop has had plenty of opportunity to sell but according to CEO Stephen Stokol, the timing was not right but there is a chance for it in the future. He left it at in the next 1 -2 years anything is possible with selling but there is a need to see further growth.