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Carsten Thiel discusses trusting your gut and achieving professional success

Carsten Thiel is one of the most celebrated pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical experts worldwide. Throughout his career, he has been responsible for the development and launch of a couple of successful pharma products. This was primary during Carsten’s time as the General Manager of Insadong Eastern Europe. Thiel is a holder of a Bachelor of Science in Organic Chemistry and also a PHD holder in Molecular Biology. Recently this pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical expert was interviewed by IdeaMensch, a crowdsourced interview platform for entrepreneurs. In this interview, Carsten Thiel discussed trusting your gut and achieving professional success.

Trusting your gut

In this interview with IdeaMensch, this pharmaceutical expert pointed out that one of the most significant contributors to success was trusting his gut. He went to state that learning how to trust his gut in a professional sense early on in his career led to the development of his leadership skills. Carsten Thiel was able to easily navigate the competitive market both as an entrepreneur and a professional to find his success. Through his top-notch leadership skills, he was able to market Xenical, a weight loss drug successfully. This was his biggest undertaking at the time, and despite the challenges associated with marketing weight loss products, Carsten Thiel was able to pull it off brilliantly.

Finding success through collaborative efforts

This pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical expert revealed during this interview that in his experience, collaborative effort is very crucial in achieving professional success. As a professional, it is much easier to find success if you have excellent leadership skills. Carsten Thiel mentioned that finding success as a professional needed the collaborative effort of a team. It is much easier to lead this team to success if you have good leadership skills. He urged professionals to invest in nurturing their leadership skills for them to be successful.

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Dabie Tsai: A Leader in the Future of Accounting and auditing

Dabie Tsai is a skilled powerhouse in the field of international accounting and auditing. She is also a dynamic force for women and minorities in the business of accounting and auditing. Tsai worked for 23 years for KPMG, 11 as a partner. Tsai is a firm believer in helping others reach their full potential. She has always been one to mentor and advocate for those starting out and/or continuing to develop. In her years with KPMG, she served as a Partner Champion for the firm’s Network of Women and its Asian Pacific Islanders Network. Tsai sponsored young talents and was honored for this work with a Mentoring Award, among a number of other accolades and awards (Inspirery).

Tsai has a unique global perspective based on being a truly international individual. She has lived and worked in five countries on four continents. She recommends that everyone sees as much of the world as possible. Travel makes one learn, grow, and adapt to change. A strong proponent of the adage that knowledge is power, she recognizes that understanding different cultures gives a person the ability to see the world in a new way. In the global economy, this worldwide insight is a valuable tool. It has allowed Dabie Tsai to excel in serving some of the world’s largest financial institutions and companies

Dabie Tsai is an early adopter of advanced technology and proponent of harnessing the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence. She strongly believes that machine learning will help accountants become more efficient and effective. This will allow them to spot trends or risks in businesses and help them prevent problems and enhance strengths. Tsai feels that those who embrace technology will be the new leaders in accounting.

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Experiencing the great outdoors with Sharon Prince and Grace Farms

Grace Farms is an eighty-acre open range. It is located in Connecticut. Every year for Earth Day, Grace Farms have entertainment for visitors of all ages. This year the festivities happen on Saturday, April 27th from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Learning about important plants and learning how crucial bees are in nature are the first two fun activities this year. They also have arts and crafts for children three to ten years old. They will learn about how animals create homes. Grace Farms has a bird habitat filled with over seventy-five bird breeds. This Earth Day they will have bird walks led by Frank Mantlik. There will also be a falconry presentation given by Brian Bradley. Grace Farms also will have conversation activities like The Benefits of Rewilding and Restoring Native Meadows which talk about plants, birds, and insects and how vital meadows are in nature.

Sharon Prince is the chair and President Grace Farm Foundation. She created the foundation in 2009. Ms. Prince started her journey in 2003 as President of 66 North.

She acquired a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Business at the University of Tulsa. Ms. Prince is a fighter for child exploitation, human trafficking, and violence against women. She co-hosted a gathering about human trafficking which resulted in a publication in December 2016. Through the foundation, Ms. Prince is doing a crusade against modern slavery. She serves on the board of Next Generation Nepal. She was also awarded the NOMI Network’s Abolitionist Award and Auburn Seminary’s Lives of Commitment Award in 2017.

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Sharon Prince Restores Nature Life with Grace Farm Foundation

Sharon Prince is a renowned humanitarian leader. She is the president of Grace Farm Foundation, a private operating foundation that has existed for a decade now. The foundation is committed to bettering lives by engaging them with nature, community, justice, arts, and faith. Through her devotion to the foundation, Sharon has wrestled down human trafficking, abuse of women and child exploitation, across the globe.

Further, Sharon has propelled the vision of the Sharon Prince Grace farm Foundation to higher heights and has held executive positions in several organizations. Additionally, she has garnered plentiful awards, for environmental sustainability, Contributions to architecture and social good.

Seasonal aspect at Grace Farm

During the summers, a wide array of activities is carried out by people of all walks of life who come to visit the Farm. Some of the fulfilling activities include catch-and-release of fish, taking casual photos, scenic walk, casual pick-up games, and viewing a variety of rich fruits.

Winter presents an incredible topography, with gaudy white snow-covered trees. Additionally, it provides enthralling moments to view wildlife that thrives throughout the cold season such as birds of prey like hawks and owls.

Biodiversity and environmental appreciation

Sharon Prince says that the primary goal of establishing Grace Farm was to restore the land and the indigenous wildlife habitation. Currently, several creatures have returned to their habitat, giving it a stunning view.

Gardening, Education and the Community Garden

Grace Farm invites different individuals to learn about sustainable gardening and farming methods. Besides, they are offered healthy and organic dishes at on-site food and beverage amenity, and the surplus food gets donated to food banks and local charities. To mark a successful year, Grace Farm has an annual Earth Day Celebration, which is open to the public and focuses on enlightening people on nature conservation and wildlife preservation.

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