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Travelling Vineyard and The Opportunity To Taste The Best Wines and Travel To France

Are you not made for the office setting? Do you want to explore while also earning money on the side? Do you feel like you have a business in you and that you’re a self-starter in your work? Then maybe you need a different job or at least a sideline.

Maybe you should consider becoming a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard. Who knows, with your job as a wine tour guide, you can visit Champagne and Alsace in France and try out the excellent wines they have offered to many of their visitors.

Insuring Success in Traveling VineyardIt’s easy enough to become a traveling wine guide for Traveling Vineyard. All you need to do is buy the starter success kit costing $99, which includes brochures, order forms and other marketing materials that help you with your sales. The kit also comes with beautiful decanters and wine glasses inside wine carrying bags that look stunning while carrying them around in your tours.

How to earn? Well, just sample the wines that are available to you, and let your friends buy the starter kit, too, so you will get them to enjoy the new wines today and earn a bit of money from the sales. You get around 35 percent commission every time you get another person buy the starter kit at Traveling Vineyard.

This challenge won’t be a lot of trouble on your wallet, too, since the wines sold come at $14-$25 per bottle. When the person you’re selling wine to earns, you will get a $100 bonus immediately after she reaches to a quota of $750 in the sales.

The company also offers the agents some of the best websites that they can use to build a better network to sell more wines. The agents who perform well can also earn a lot of all-expense paid trips just for reaching the sales goals required by Traveling Vineyard. All this while affording you all the time to spend with your family and children. Straightforward and fun, right?

About Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard started as a fun business idea in 2001 but since then grew to become a wine-tasting business concept for work-at-home moms and wine enthusiasts across the country that leverage a fun Party Plan model to increase the chances for profit. The direct selling is replete with different marketing ideas, but this idea from Traveling Vineyard is the only one that can inspire people to build more connections with people passionate about wine. All this without leaving the comforts of the home and without missing your home-based work!

This business model of Traveling Vineyard gives their sellers the benefits of earning while the chance to travel to France’s wine centers. Indeed, everyone who is following the company’s social media presence can see that many people are now enjoying these perks.

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