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Sharon Prince: The Pioneer of Vision for Grace Farms

Sharon Prince is the chair and principal of a Grace Farms Foundation. This foundation was set up in 2009 with the aim to improve the quality of life through arts, nature, justice, and faith. Sharon Prince remarked that the concept of Grace Farms was derived from the land. The land was so expansive and it inspired a feeling of awe and again it was so beautiful. Sharon Prince pioneered the vision of Grace Farms and since its opening, the farm has turned out to be a place of peace and grace for a lot of people.

Grace Farms is a cultural and community center that lies on more than 80 acres of unperturbed natural beauty. The Foundation uses ample outdoor surroundings to serve a variety of functions such as inspire thought, promote education, enhance communication, garner preservation and boost appreciation of all features of nature. Grace Farms is open all days of the week and can be accessed by the public. It welcomes visitors to participate in different programs that are run in the site, it facilitates interactions of individuals from different backgrounds.

During summer, activities at Grace Farms are plentiful and they vary from capture and recapturing of fish at Cattail Pond, the exploration of lush greenery and cultivated fields through walking in trails.

Under the sun, Grace Farms offers a spectacular sight, shining brightly and offering a peaceful environment despite the daily bustle and stir of life. Grace Farms has been awarded a number of awards for its exemplary contribution to environmental sustainability, architecture and social good.

Through her position at Grace Farms, Sharon Prince has incessantly fought to curb human exploitation, child exploitation, and gender-based violence on both local and international spectrum. Sharon Prince is also a board member of Freedom Needs Fighters, a universal media campaign that strives to curb the present day slavery.

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Jeunesse Global Product Review #1

Youth-enhancement products possesses qualities that can drastically slow down the aging process. This industry brings in billions of dollars on an annual basis, and there are literally a ton of brands to choose from. Jeunesse Global, a world-renowned brand that specializes in defying the aging process, has been changing people’s lives for the better. This change can help an individual who is receptive to using age-defying products. Unfortunately, all youth-enhancement brands are not created equal. Jeunesse Global has revolutionary products that are progressively turning back the hands of time. In most cases, if you look younger, then you’ll feel younger.

This popular brand has been on the scene since 2009, and the brand has an extensive list of clients and customers. So, what kind of products can be found here? The answer to this question is very simple because Jeunesse offers moisturizer, primer, mist foundation and more. For enhancing your quality of life, the AM & PM Essentials is a dietary supplement that effectively targets the body’s nighttime and daytime needs. This formula comes in capsule form, and consumers will receive 60 capsules per bottle. Some of the ingredients included are vitamin C, vitamin D, riboflavin, thiamin, vitamin K, niacin, biotin and many others. In other words, AM & PM Essentials can bring your body back into balance with consistent use.

Jeunesse Global has another fine product to get your body up and running, and this beverage is popular all over the world. Monavie Active is blended with 19 super fruits, including kiwi, elderberry, acai berry, white grape, pomegranate, wolfberry, pear and other fruits. This beverage is also good for joint pain thanks to its plant-based glucosamine. Of course, this only scratches the surface of what this phenomenal company has to offer, but Jeunesse Global will continue to bring innovative products to the forefront of the industry.

Meet Ted Bauman, the Successful Economist

Ted Bauman, an established economist, has devoted his profession in binding people with reservoirs that enable them to live freer financial lives. He has shared his opinions regarding the Amazon’s developing responsibility in the financial sector and made divination about its coming times. Bauman believes that Amazon is not a monopoly and should, therefore, be restrained into component pieces.

Ted Bauman has served some executive responsibilities in the charity sector during his 25year career in South Africa. He has been the fund manager for minimum value housing projects to protect the less privileged. Through his efforts, he launched the Slum Dwellers International, a project that has helped over 14 million people in different countries.

Through his extensive research and dialogue with the international governments and the United Nations, Ted acquired adequate skills that gave him a concrete understanding in which politics and economic impacts the community. His economic knowledge focused on ensuring avoidance in depletion of natural resources so that the ecological balance can be maintained and to produce the intended results of protecting the environment.

With his advanced knowledge from the Banyan Hill Publishing, Ted Bauman started the Bauman Letter a newsletter that has more than 100000 subscribers. This has enlightened people on the advantage of preserving and generating wealth through innovative investment, legal and personal approaches. Besides, he gives investment criteria and unique strategies that are meant to help subscribers in their endeavors to create wealth. Ted Bauman contributes on the Smart Money Service-a trading platform that allows subscribers to advance their skills and enlighten their research techniques.

Bauman urges willing investors to stay up to date and plan for their future. He reminds people to read on the excellent and relevant approaches to the current market trends. He also advises people to focus on the ways of reducing risks and diversifying their resources. Ted Bauman enjoys imparting knowledge to the readers about the financial state of the country and help them understand the different facets of the market.

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Stream Energy Continues To Build On Its Already Impressive Record Of Philanthropy:

Stream Energy is a company that is really serious about philanthropy and particularly passionate about giving back to its home state of Texas. When it comes to philanthropy at Stream Energy, the whole team is involved. From the executive leadership team to entry-level employees, the Stream team all get involved in the charitable work that the firm does. Charitable work has become such a big part of what Stream Energy does that the company has founded a special department called Stream Cares for the specific purpose of charitable works. The Steam Cares team have been busy helping to further the Stream Energy reputation for philanthropy. This is being accomplished through to significant efforts that are regularly made by the company’s employees in the spirit of giving back. Patch is a place that has made a big effort to feature the philanthropic work that is done by the team at Stream Energy.


Many of the communities of the state of Texas were devastated when Hurricane Harvey came roaring through. This storm cut a real path of destruction that left many with their lives completely upended. This is where organizations like Stream come in and the company did not hesitate to mobilize Stream Cares to help out with this desperate situation. Helping to give assistance to Dallas area homeless individuals is another big project that the Stream Cares team has been engaged in recently. The organization joined up with a group called Hope Supply Co. in order to provide this essential assistance to the needy of Dallas, Texas.
Stream Energy is known for providing top-notch electricity services and services for various aspects of customer’s lives. With Stream Cares, the company is providing to those that are in need of it. Supporting the efforts of local communities is a top priority to the Stream Cares team. It is not a surprise to see such an innovative company also making such significant efforts toward community service and philanthropy. Stream has one of the most unique business models in the energy business and the company and its representatives take a great deal of pride in passing along their successes in the form of philanthropy.

Wes Edens Has Recently Added An Exciting New Endeavor To His Already Extensive List:

Wes Edens is among the world’s leading financial minds and one of the three co-founders of the prestigious investment management organization Fortress Investment Group. He started the firm in 1998 alongside Rob Kauffman and Randal Nardone and continues to be a major player in the firm’s development in the wake of its acquisition by Japan’s SoftBank. Over his highly successful career, Wes Edens has developed an impeccable reputation for being able to cash in on situations that seem like they would be a loss. While many were reeling from the financial crisis that exploded in 2008, Wes Edens found ways to make a good thing out of a bad situation. 2010 saw Wes find success in the subprime lending industry only two years removed from 2008’s financial crash. Since that time he has also become a major player in the realm of professional sports ownership. Wes Edens is currently a co-owner of the Bucks of the NBA and also English soccer club Aston Villa.

In addition to his massive commitment to Fortress Investment Group and his pro sports franchises that he owns, Wes Edens has also been spending a lot of time lately in helping to develop and grow his newest business venture. He has recently gotten into the public transportation business and his new Brightline train service is making a massive difference in the lives of many commuters in South Florida who have long suffered dealing with congested road conditions during their morning and evening commutes.

It has long been a nightmare for commuters to get between the South Florida municipalities of Fort Lauderdale and Miami as a drive that should take under an hour can often extend to multiple ones when conditions are bad. The Brightline train has been making the lives of many of these commuters much easier and it has been such a success that there are now many other U.S. city combos that are trying to get this service brought to them as well. Soon there could be similar services running in places such as St. Louis to Chicago and Charlotte to Atlanta.

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Southridge Capital’s Investments and Future Tactics

Southridge Capital provides banking services investment advice and security brokering services. Its headquarters is in Ridgefield, Connecticut. It was founded in 1996, and it still runs its services to date. Currently the company employers around 50 workers who oversee their operations. The private firm has one exit and two investments, with one lead investment to their name.

The company invested on Aug 2005 $1.8M in Raft International. Raft International is ranked as one of the best company’s in providing banking solutions and energy solutions with specialization in management applications. Southridge Capital recently invested $5M equity acquisition arrangements on a well-established Elite Data Firm, which specializes in gaming, automotive and hospitality. The company will be able to enjoy the versatility the data firm will generate using the already established frameworks of Southridge. The organization is dedicated to providing full-spectrum of original economic solutions, which meet the diverse customer needs. Global online traffic ranking based on monthly web visitors place the firm at 21,019,862 among the ranked sites worldwide.


Under the leadership of Stephen M. Hicks, the company has developed over the last 20 years. Hicks founded the company and still plays a significant role as an investor. He has broad experiences in all spectrums of finance and business. The idea of starting the company came to him while working at a New York hedge fund with the permission of his employer. He began working on his firm while at the organization. You can visit


Hicks is a hard worker who starts his day by making a list of to-do things. His ideas are then brought to life by research coupled with experience in the field. He says that the newest trend in the cryptocurrency is one that could make him think about investing in diversified areas. Hicks believes that it is essential for a company to focus on cash and the returns of investments and to calculate the risks in business before investing heavily. You can follow their Twitter account.


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