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Wealth Solution – Why It’s Important To Hire Financial Advisors

The investment industry today is indeed filled with tricks, chances, risks and valuable information that is required for companies and individuals to know if they want to start investing and succeed. There are long-term investments and safe ones with little return value. Which one is the best for you? What type of investment do you want to make: Bank investment? American currency? There are thousands of options.


This is where the Financial and Investment Advisors come in. They are professionals that have made their lifetime research studying what works and what doesn’t in the investment world. They provide protection, security advisory, financial data, and solutions for many problems that your company – or your bank account – might be struggling against.


Wealth Solutions is a recommendable consulting team that has been receiving great feedback since they began acting in the market, with a leader that has more than 20 years of experience in the market. They have assisted big sharks and small fishes with financial decisions alike. Their planning is customized, unique to each customer and their respective needs and necessities. Their strategies though, are modern and smart, covering what is going on with the American currency and the most profitable transactions occurring worldwide.


This powerful business track wouldn’t have been possible without the leadership of Richard Blair, the founder, creative leader and creator of the Wealth Solutions, Inc. (WSI). He was a financial advisor long before he started his company, and has tons of experience and knowledge to guide his team in achieving success for the group and their clients.


His business is centered in Austin, Texas, right in the center, and is often contacted to offer specialized advisory to corporations across the entire United States. Wealth Solutions has built a reputation through an impressive team and results from their customers, who then end up recommending WSI to their partners as well. Through assuring security and eliminating risks, some companies that wear nearing bankruptcy were able to get back to the market thanks to the WSI’s financial strategies.


Richard Blair, the leader, is not only a businessman. A family guy, he has three kids that he loves immensely and lives together with them and his wife. Something that he loves doing with his children is incentivizing them to run around the house and play some kind of sport with their dad, or any exercising activity for that matter. They are always taking vacations, as it is crucial for the kids to see nature and different cultures early on to form a welcoming opinion about diversity.


Brad Reifler Makes Investing A Shared Experience

The investment sector of the financial industry is very challenging. Many investors look for a competitive edge to help improve their chances of being able to make a good return on their investments. One of the ways that many investors look to achieve a competitive advantage is by using a top investment firm to manage or help with their investments. The use of investment firms is a common way that many investors use to handle the tasks required related to their investments.

The type of investors that many top investment firms tend to work with are not the average investor. Usually top investment firms work with what are referred to as accredited investors. As defined by the financial industry, an accredited investors is someone who earns over $200,000 per year, and the individual has a net worth over one million dollars. This type of investor is rare. The entire group that comprises the accredited investor group makes up about only 1% of the total number of potential investors.

The remaining 99% of potential investors are referred to as non-accredited investors. As defined by the financial industry, non-accredited investors earn less than $200,000 per year, and the investors have a net worth of less than one million dollars. Generally, many top investment firms do not seek out non-accredited investors. The focus of most top investment firms is the 1% of accredited investors.

Although the focus on accredited investors has been something that has gone on in the investment sector for many years, there are top investment firms that will make investments available to non-accredited investors. One of these top investment firms is Forefront Capital. The CEO of Forefront Capital is Brad Reifler. Recently, Brad Reifler made the decision to start making investments available to non-accredited investors. The way that Brad Reifler handles investments regarding non-accredited investors is to allow the investors to purchase smaller amounts of the investments over an extended time period.

Brad Reifler decided to start allowing non-accredited investors to make investments through Forefront Capital because he wanted to give non-accredited investors the same opportunity to invest in high performing investments as accredited investors.