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Wen Creates Great Hair

I was honestly skeptical when I first saw the infomercial for Wen by Chaz Dean products, I absolutely love Alyssa Milano who was the spokeswoman for Wen. After I ordered Wen hair on eBay, I watched a few videos online to make sure I was using it right. It felt weird to replace shampoo but I decided to give it a shot. My hair was extremely dry because I dye it too much. Normally shampoo makes my hair really tangled and conditioner makes it greasy so I didn’t really have much to lose.

The results of using Wen hair were very surprising to me. As soon as I started lathering it in my hair, it felt silky and smooth. After I got out of the shower, I put moose in my hair and dried it as usual. I was pleasantly surprised to see my hair was shiny. My hair never shines unless I put an oil product in it. After I used Wen for the first time, I was wondering what would happen when I use it again? I ask myself can you really replace shampoo completely? It did work the same way again.

It is amazing that I don’t need to use shampoo anymore. What a nice alternative and now I can continue to dye my hair as I see fit. An additional advantage to using this Guthy-Renker produced brand versus regular shampoo and conditioner is when you use a curling iron, your hair doesn’t get fried. I’m not sure why my hair always looked like straw after I used a curling iron, but I’m glad that Wen changed that for me.


The Benefits Of Using Wen Products

Recently Emily McClure from The Bustle did an article about WEN Hair conditioning cleanser. McClure has very fine hair, so she wanted to see how the product was going to work on her hair. McClure decided to use the product for seven days and she documented her experience. On the first day, McClure was happy with the results that she got from the product. She found that even though she had to use a large amount of Wen hair, her hair was not weighed down, and it looked thick and beautiful. On the second day the results were not the same. Her hair did feel a little bit more heavy, and she felt like the product made her hair look greasy.

Over the course of the seven days the results varied with the sephora available product. In all, McClure was happy with the way that her hair turned out. Some friends and family members commented to her about how soft and shiny her hair looked. That made her have more confidence in the product, and it made her believe that the product actually was making a difference in her hair. McClure believes that she will recommend Wen conditioning cleanser to other individuals, and she will keep Wen as a permanent staple in her shower.

Wen conditioning cleanser is a set of cleansers that revolutionizes how individuals do their hair. Many women and men believe that they have to use a shampoo, conditioner, and leave in conditioner, but that does not have to be the case with Wen conditioning cleanser. Wen hair takes the place of a hair conditioner, shampoo, and a leave in conditioner. Wen is also used as a styler, and it is a product that has no parabens, dyes, or chemicals.

The inventor of Wen is Chaz Dean. He is an individual that has worked in haircare for many years. Dean noticed that many of the hair conditioners and cleansers were full of unneeded sulfates and chemicals. These things would leave a person’s hair looking dry and unhealthy. He set out on a course to make a cleansing conditioner that would actually help hair to stay moisturized. That is exactly what he did with Wen conditioning cleanser. Now thousands of individuals have been purchasing WEN Hair from Amazon.