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You May Never Consume A National Brand Energy Drink Again After Reading This

Any super-fans of national brand energy drinks out there such as Red Bull, Monster, NOS, etc. might not want to hear the news contained in this article. They may prefer to live in ignorance of the fact that there is now a healthier way to consume the energy drinks that you know and love. They might just want to slam their computer shut and pretend that they never read these words.

The truth is though, there really is a new energy drink in the market that is making waves with a wide swatch of the public. That drink is called Nevo, and it does things differently from the others. Nevo is the energy drink answer from Jeunesse Global.

For those who don’t know, Jeunesse Global is a health and beauty company established in 2009 by two formerly retired individuals. They decided that they would take their wonderful ideas about health and beauty products to the public and make some money doing it as well. By using a contributor network to help sell their products, they are also helping to make some money for their contributors as well!

The Nevo energy drink is obviously not an original idea. Energy drinks have been on the market before, but there have never really been any quite like this one. It strips out the most harmful ingredients that one might find in a regular energy drink. Namely, it gets rid of things like artificial flavors, sweeteners, and excessive calories. You see, in a can of Nevo you only have to deal with fifty calories in your beverage. There is no reason why you should have to consume more calories then that when all that you are really trying to do is drink down some delicious energy drink beverage in order to contribute to the energy levels that you feel in your everyday life.

Jeunesse Global always has your health and best interests in mind. They do not put anything in their beverages that they do not believe belongs in there. You can trust them for their judgement and for their ability to bring you the kind of quality energy beverage that you crave.

Maggie Gill is Improving Lives

For Maggie Gill, the passion to provide quality healthcare access to all of the community extends beyond her day job. Maggie is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Memorial University Medical Center in Savannah, GA. She began working at Memorial way back in 2004 as the Vice President of Finance/Managed Care and just a year later took over as the Chief Operating Officer.


Maggie took over her current role back in 2011 and has made it a priority to run a tight ship in order to operate under budget while offering as many services to the community as possible. She has extensive experience in the medical finance arena, serving for 5 years as the Chief Financial Officer at the Tenet South Florida Health system. A honors graduate of Florida State University, Maggie also earned her MBA at Saint Leo University. Always one to further her education, she has also completed coursework in strategic thinking and management at the Wharton School. Her combination of experience and education make Maggie a true expert in her career field.


Her work has earned her numerous accolades, including being named one the 135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health Systems and CEOs to Know in 2016 by Becker’s Hospital Review. Also in 2016, the Georgia Medical Society awarded Ms. Gill and Memorial Health a total of seven different awards. Her hard work and determination have had a profound effect on those she works with as well as the patients that are under Memorial Health’s watch. Maggie Gill improves the lives of all those who cross her path.