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Talkspace – Read Reviews to Help Understand their Services

Talkspace has emerged as an alternative to traditional therapy and offers convenience to people who do not want to go for traditional therapy due to traveling or the cost associated with traditional therapy. Talkspace offers online counseling to people through their mobile phones with the same privacy guidelines in place as in traditional therapy while the cost is low. Talkspace only hires licensed therapists who have been provided special training to give e-counseling and who have been background-checked. Read this article at

Whether you are an individual suffering from anxiety and stress or a couple looking for marriage or couple counseling, rest assured there are professional therapists at Talkspace Reviews who would be more than willing to help you and listen to what you are going through without judging. It would help you understand things you are going through with clarity and look things differently and find a solution that you need most to lead your life in the right direction. With over a million customers who feel much happier already through the counseling they received at Talkspace, rest assured you would be able to get positively life-changing treatment at Talkspace. Talkspace has more than three thousand therapists you can connect to and getting started with Talkspace is easy. You can easily sign-up at Talkspace and choose from the various plans they offer, which would certainly cost you less than traditional therapy.

There are many people like you who are apprehensive about using Talkspace, but reading reviews about the company can help you make an easy decision that can change your life for the better. It is only when one tries their services; they will know how convenient it is for them. According to multiple reviews, more than half of the people using Talkspace for therapy have not gone back to in-person therapy ever again. Learn more:

Eric Lefkofsky: The Greatest Entrepreneur of Our Time

Eric Lefkofsky is an American businessman who is most known for being the founder of Tempus, a company dedicated to collecting, analyzing, and distributing medical data and information related to cancer treatments.

This company uses data about cancer to help doctors develop personalized treatments for individual patients which have been proven to be more effective than traditional cancer treatments. Eric Lefkofsky is also a founder of Groupon, the country’s largest discount service that offers users discounts on everything from food, consumer goods, and even travel expenses.

After experiencing success in his many businesses, Eric used much of his profits for philanthropic endeavors, one of which being the foundation he created with his wife in 2006. This foundation, named after Eric, has funded countless organizations that are dedicated to increasing medical knowledge, improving childhood education, and securing human rights for all.

Eric Lefkofsky has also expressed his compassion and enthusiasm for his community, as he serves on the board of directors at both the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago. As a husband and father of three children, Eric has proven by example that the American dream is still alive and well and his story serves as an inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs. By making significant contributions to the medical field, providing funding to philanthropic organizations, and giving back to his community, Erik has made himself a truly honorable member of society who will go down in history as one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time.

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You May Never Consume A National Brand Energy Drink Again After Reading This

Any super-fans of national brand energy drinks out there such as Red Bull, Monster, NOS, etc. might not want to hear the news contained in this article. They may prefer to live in ignorance of the fact that there is now a healthier way to consume the energy drinks that you know and love. They might just want to slam their computer shut and pretend that they never read these words.

The truth is though, there really is a new energy drink in the market that is making waves with a wide swatch of the public. That drink is called Nevo, and it does things differently from the others. Nevo is the energy drink answer from Jeunesse Global.

For those who don’t know, Jeunesse Global is a health and beauty company established in 2009 by two formerly retired individuals. They decided that they would take their wonderful ideas about health and beauty products to the public and make some money doing it as well. By using a contributor network to help sell their products, they are also helping to make some money for their contributors as well!

The Nevo energy drink is obviously not an original idea. Energy drinks have been on the market before, but there have never really been any quite like this one. It strips out the most harmful ingredients that one might find in a regular energy drink. Namely, it gets rid of things like artificial flavors, sweeteners, and excessive calories. You see, in a can of Nevo you only have to deal with fifty calories in your beverage. There is no reason why you should have to consume more calories then that when all that you are really trying to do is drink down some delicious energy drink beverage in order to contribute to the energy levels that you feel in your everyday life.

Jeunesse Global always has your health and best interests in mind. They do not put anything in their beverages that they do not believe belongs in there. You can trust them for their judgement and for their ability to bring you the kind of quality energy beverage that you crave.

Lifeline Screening Preparation Requirements Are An Essential Part Of Obtaining Accurate Results

Lifeline Screening is an agency that offers tests for preventative health care. These tests are available to the general public at any time. To better serve the needs of those individuals interested in taking steps to prevent potentially harmful health conditions from occurring or getting worse, Lifeline offers a simple online guide for preparation.

These steps are essential to the screening process in that they allow the methods used to provide more accurate results. In most cases, preparing for a screening from Lifeline requires no more than the wearing of comfortable clothing.

Since some of the testing available through Lifeline is for the detection of glucose or cholesterol levels. The preparation for these tests would include certain fasting requirements. Although these levels are tested using blood samples drawn from a simple finger stick method, the fasting requirements need to be adhered to in order to get the best readings possible. For a complete lipid panel an individual needs to fast for at least 12 hours before having their screening performed. This same time period is required for a glucose test as well as for the screening for Lifeline’s 6 for Life Package, which includes the testing for heart disease. The screening for an abdominal aortic aneurysm has a shortened fast period of 4 hours with specific meal requirements.


In some instances, the preparation for a Lifeline screening could include the type of clothing a person wears. This is usually to make accessing certain points on the body easier for the purpose of obtaining more accurate information. Short sleeved shirts and open collars are often required for tests which require the monitoring of the heart rate. The test for peripheral arterial disease specifically requests that pantyhose not be worn. This screening along with the one for abdominal aortic aneurysm, also requests that the individual wear loose clothing in the form of a two-piece outfit.

As a facility focused on providing patients with the best care possible, the team at Lifeline Screening offers a 14-point promise to everyone they assist. Included in this is their promise to make sure every person receiving a screening is well informed and comfortable. They also promise to use the highest quality equipment in combination with certified procedures to ensure the results obtained are of the highest level of accuracy. They also promise to take steps toward informing individuals of anything they believe to be of an immediate concern to their health.


Discover the organization making a difference in health services

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association got invented in 1973.It’s a member of the Anesthesia Quality Institute. They operate around Austin area. Its main aim is to offer anesthesiology care for all patients. Their dedicated efforts have made the organization grow to significant numbers. Currently, it has over 80 physicians and over 130 certified registered nurse anesthetists. Their enormous success has been enabled by the high qualified technicians in different fields.


The firm offers all anesthesia assistance to patients around the Austin area. The services provided are like the general, regional among many other anesthesias. They are meant to reduce the level of pain during the operation activity. The organization is also placed at a better hand to succeed with most its services being offered online like the billing. It simplifies the procedure of seeking care from the qualified personnel.


CAA is also known for their philanthropic activities. They have been involved in various projects. Their aim is to see that the people of the area have a better life. They achieve this through their members donating the time and resources to ensure that all regions globally acquire the best health care. Among the top beneficiaries of the CAA assistance is the Austin smiles, Dell Children’s surgical Global Outreach, Operation smile among many others.  Read more postings on their page.


With a dedicated team and passionate of the less advantaged in the community, the organization is deemed to go far. Their high-quality services and skilled personnel place the team at a better position to have fast growth. Surely this is a must watch company in the near future.

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